Eaten Alive!

Distortions builds a massive project for Bennett's Curse in Baltimore, MD.

Slaughterhouse, Texas-Style!

Distortions installs a slide in 13th Floor to link a menacing Death Machine that grinds u

Saw Blade Massacre

Owners of the Atlanta haunt, Netherworld, want a scary, spinning saw-blade gag.

Rattling Israel!

Ed and Marsha Edmunds, owner of Distortions Unlimited, are taking on the unique challenge

KISS Rocks The Beast

Ed and the Distortions team create better, stronger and faster KISS models.

Going Ape!

The Distortions team goes to their biggest show of the year.

Mirror, Mirror Giant Zombie

The Distortions crew builds a giant podium for Adobe's creative director.

Distorters Make the Best Monsters!

The Distortions crew is makes monsters for the Houston Halloween & Party Expo.

You Bug Me

Distortions creates a giant, spitting centipede for 1 of the top haunted houses in the US.