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Football season is the time to watch men at the peak of physical excellence and eat the foods that have the potential to launch you to the other end of the spectrum. Awesome. It's bonding. It's battle and it's bounties of deliciousness.


My thing for football game food is this -- hand-held. No knives. No forks -- just the booger hooks that the Lord gave ya -- One hand for Food, One for Drink.


Now, I'm not Anti-potato salad, or whatever, but I like the handhelds for ease, and the fact that it lets me and my guests experiment with dipping sauces - me with making them and them with matching foods to unusual condiments.


I think the top seeded foods are:


Guacamole: Make it fresh - the Avocado Growers' Association has great recipes on their site.


Wings: I like mine more on the well-done side, not into the slimy underdone chicken. There are many great recipes on the web or in cookbooks. The prepared trays scare me.

Quesadillas: Easy as heck to make and you can get creative with ingredients - plus - super cheap, if you cut them into wedges, 2 tortillas can feed 4-8 guests (plus fillings of course).

Something a little higher end, just so you can have that one dude you know who always busts your stones say, "Ooooh, fancy, fancy!" and then you can punch him. For this, I go for either cocktail shrimp, or I make eggrolls (very easy) with unusual toppings. Or elevate a simple thing like chicken tenders, by making them with panko, chili flakes and corn flakes instead of bread crumbs.


One of my Go-to's -- I make a BIG sandwich on a hoagie roll and cut it into sections for my friends to just grab a piece of. Again, 2 massive hoagies - that you make - will taste better than store bought and be deeply impressive.


I've used everything from Italian coldcuts, to meatballs, to grilled salmon, to grilled and roasted veggies with cheese and blown people away.


Chips: Mandatory. Go classic tortilla, but try to find interesting twists in color or flavor as well as plain old corn. And get some kind of dessert! After all that salty stuff, have some kickass chocolates. Make ice cream cookie sandwiches (very easy). Even jumbo bags of Halloween mini-mixed chocolate bars, or cookies - just get the roll of dough and make 'em - your secret is safe with me.


Guys with wives or girlfriends - be gracious and kind and take time to explain what's going on - and get raw veggies and fruit (trays are ok). The ladies will like them and hey, it's not like we couldn't use a celery stick instead of a nacho anyway, right?


Go team!

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