My Favorite Thing About Adam Richman


Perla L. S.

My favorite thing is what a role-model he's been for my son who refused to eat just about everything ...all it took was 1 episode. He tries almost anything now and finishes his food (with time on the clock). When he finishes a meal he says he won a shirt and is going on a "wall of fame" ...he gets mad at me when I'm missing an episode and says he's the #1 fan. THANKS!!!!


Matthew S.

I like the way he interacts with the people he encounters. He's a great people person and knows how to come up to anyone and make them feel like they are his friends. One of the main reasons why I watch Ma...n vs. Food is watching Adam work his charm and interact with different people throughout the nation...and of course I like watching him devour different challenges too!

Sara C.

His humor and passion for food is an easy pull into the show, but I think what makes him exceptionally enjoyable to watch, is his enthusiasm and true interest for the people he meets.

Michelle K.

Love when he says "oh my goodness, oh my goodness."

Diona W.

Before Man vs. Food I didn't really understand the passion behind the preparation. There is a science to really good tasting food and Adam has taught me to respect the spices, flavor, and heart and soul that go into some of the dishes. He introduced me to some places in my own town I didn't even know about! And of course he makes you laugh the whole time. I love watching him!

Heather R.

Adams true personality comes out throughout the shows events. This shows that he actually has a passion for the flavors of the world that he gets to adventure, unlike other TV hosts. He comes off humble and eager to chat with the locals. His humorous movie references make watching the food challenges worthwhile. Mr. Richman is a nifty dude, kudos to him!

Katina J.

I love it that EVERY time someone mentions buns (hot dog, hamburger, etc.), Adam accuses them of getting fresh! Chef - "Now let's toast the buns"... Adam - "this is a family show" or "don't you get fresh with me!"

Jason M.

My favorite thing about Adam is how both of my kids now come to the dinner table with a new attitude about #winning against their food (Kid vs. Food....KID WINS AGAIN!)

Andy A.

I like that Adam isn't afraid to lose a challenge. He doesn't just throw softballs at us. That 5-lb. chilli cheese dog fries thing he tried the other night was crazy. I knew he wasn't winning that one and I believe he did too. That didn't stop him from diving right in & trying though.

Candi C.

He eats as if its the last meal of his life and it makes me wanna travel around the USA!

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