BBQ Bliss

We've collected the best of Adam Richman's Man v. Food BBQ moments. He digs into a rack of baby back ribs and juicy pulled pork. Then he takes on the Ultimate Destroyer... can Adam finish a six-pound BBQ sandwich with fries?

Beefy Burgers

Adam Richman is taking us on a Beefy Burger road trip down memory lane. From a juicy bacon burger to a southwestern star, he's got to try them all. Then it's time for the 6-pound Big Ugly Burger challenge. Will man prevail?

Best Breakfast

What's for breakfast? The best of Man v. Food breakfasts of course! Adam Richman dives into a pile of bacon and chows down on 13-inch pancakes. The he tries to conquer the Iron Man Challenge. Can he finish a 6-pound chili omelet?

Best of the Sea

The best of Adam Richman's seafood moments from Man v. Food. He feasts on a meaty lobster roll and competes in the Davey Jones Locker Challenge. He must finish seven pounds of seafood and sides in an hour for eternal food glory.

Burger Bonanza

Big. Juicy. Burgers. We've collected the best of Adam Richman's burger quests from Man v. Food. He feasts on bacon cheeseburgers and takes on the Four-Horsemen Challenge. He must eat the spiciest burger known to man in one hour.

By the Slice

Adam's most pizzalicious moments from Man v. Food. Adam bites into a Reuben pizza covered in swiss cheese and competes in the Stuffed Pizza Challenge. He and his partner must finish 10 pounds of pizza or join the Wall of Shame.

Cheesy Goodness

Shredded, sliced or melted, cheese makes everything better. Adam Richman revisits his cheesiest adventures around the country. Then he competes in the ultimate grilled cheese challenge. Can man claim victory over cheese?

Classic Comfort Food

From the Man v. Food vault comes the best of comfort. Adam Richman chows down on pulled pork and bites into a huge cinnamon roll before he enters the Colossal Challenge. Can he finish a giant sandwich and a 116 oz. milkshake?

Ethnic Delights

Adam's most ethnic adventures from Man v. Food. Adam digs into a monster Burritozilla and competes in a super-spicy challenge: The Special Number Two. He must finish a fiery ramen soup that even the chef won't try.

Fiery Flavors

From pleasantly tongue-tingling to flat out diabolical, we revisit Adam Richman's most fiery eats from Man v. Food. He tastes a sinful Voodoo Juice hot sauce and tries to beat the heat during the Hellfire Sushi Challenge.

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