Key Things to Remember for the MvF Nation

Adam Richman gives his top 10 list of key things the Man v. Food Nation should remember for all future food challenges.


10 Photos

Adam talks meat with the owner of Wimpy's Grill. 960 1280


A beautiful shot of the Wimpy's double-stacked cheeseburger, complete with crispy bacon. 960 1280


Adam Richman falls in love. 960 1280


Adam demonstrates the messiness but goodness of the Wimpy's burger. 960 1280


Adam celebrates after successfully chopping. 960 1280


An entrée of barbecue, collard greens and mac `n' cheese at the Backyard Barbecue Pit. 960 1280


Team Food Fighters, including Adam and Dhani Jones, give themselves one last pep talk before the race begins. 960 1280


Adam stretches before his leg of the race. 960 1280


The Doughman Challenge starts off with a breakfast -- eggs sunny side up. 960 1280


Team Food Fighters finishes the race together. 960 1280


960 1280

Hilton Worldwide  

A Cuban sandwich at Aguila Sandwich Shop. 960 1280


Adam discusses the shoot with field sound mixer Eric Bini and talent AP Chris Stearns. 960 1280


Pro wrestling tag team dubbed The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs (right) and Jerry Sags (left) with Adam and 2 young MvF Nation fans. 960 1280


Skipper's Smokehouse at night. 960 1280


A plate of alligator ribs at Skipper's Smokehouse. 960 1280


Director of Photography Dan Walworth adjusts the lens on his camera. 960 1280


Adam with a customer and her fish Reuben sandwich at Aguila Sandwich Shop. 960 1280


The Nasty Boys rest after laying the smack down on their opponent. 960 1280


An iconic surfboard outside of Skipper's Smokehouse. 960 1280


Merchandise at Skipper's Smokehouse. 960 1280


"Moments like this with the lovely UNM (University of New Mexico) cheerleaders and customized jerseys are also pretty freakin' sweet." -- Adam Richman 960 1280


Adam Richman smiles for the camera with the Travis on a Silver Platter in Albuquerque, NM. "You see those awesome, happy people behind me? That's Man v. Food Nation, and it's the best part of my job." -- Adam Richman 960 1280


Adam Richman in Tampa Bay, FL, with Skipper's Smokehouse owner, Tom White, and the amazing blackened-grouper Reuben sandwich. 960 1280


Adam Richman holds up one of Modern Apizza's great-tasting pies in New Haven, CT. 960 1280


Adam Richman shares a moment with the Man v. Food Nation crew in Tampa Bay, FL. 960 1280


Adam Richman discusses the shoot with crew members Eric Bini and Chris Stearns in Tampa Bay, FL. 960 1280


"At La Marqueta in Spanish Harlem, NY, the day after a challenge. No sleep, no voice, no excuses -- back to work!" -- Adam Richman 960 1280

Andrew Espinal  

Director of Photography (DP) Dan Walworth adjusts the lens on his camera to get the perfect shot of Adam Richman in Tampa Bay, FL. 960 1280


"With my DP and Johnny Knoxville of Cinematography Scott Sans at the top of the Sandia Peaks. Behind me is a straight drop to certain death. Yippee! All in a day's work!" -- Adam Richman 960 1280


"With Dan Walworth, one of our fearless cinematographers, before the insanity of the challenge (3rd Circle of Hell Challenge) in Tampa Bay, FL." -- Adam Richman 960 1280


"As ever, I'm in a New York State of Mind." --Adam Richman. Adam visits the statue of Duke Ellington in Central Park, NY. 960 1280

Andrew Espinal  

"Director/Location Producer Dan Kornfeld (with myself and sound guy Eric Bini) left the show after 45 episodes. This picture was taken after his very last `Cut! That's a wrap!' call. Bittersweet moment. He was intense, worked up but fiercely talented and wildly funny. We busted his stones and drove him nuts, but we love him and we and MvF are better for having worked with him and becoming his friends. Bye, Danny." -- Adam Richman 960 1280


"The Big Roost Challenge with the big Rooster himself at Rooster's Texas Style BBQ & Steakhouse in Nashville, TN." --Adam Richman 960 1280


Adam Richman with Yale University students holding up the MvF Nation sign in New Haven, CT. 960 1280


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