Man v. Food Nation: Charlotte Pictures

Adam is in Charlotte, NC, to taste of a 4-tier cheeseburger and glistening fried chicken. Then, he coaches a college freshman in taking down the Big Eats Challenge.
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The Penguin Drive-In is a landmark restaurant in Charlotte that has been family-owned since 1954.

The Penguin Drive-In serves up burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and salads.

One of the restaurant's signature dishes -- the Penguin Fried Pickles.

The signature burger the Penguin Double Pounder -- a 4-tier cheeseburger packed with fried pickles and melted pimento cheese.

Adam poses with customers Erica and Katherine who are about to take on the Penguin Double Pounder.

Adam takes time to pose with customer Brett Wisr at Price's Chicken Coop.

Known for their fried chicken, the Price's Chicken Coop chefs fry every part of the chicken including the livers and gizzards.

The Price's Chicken Coop staff prepare the food for take out. There are no tables at this restaurant!

Jackalope Jacks Restaurant and Bar opens up early and stays open late. It's known as a great neighborhood hangout.

Jackalope Jacks hosts nightly events including karaoke, trivia and comedy nights.

From cheeseburgers topped with fried pickles and tater tots to sandwiches and wraps, Jackalope Jacks has great eats.

The Big Eats Challenge: 25 pulled pork sliders and a heaping mound of French fries adding up to 5 pounds!

John Ahlert attempts the Big Eats Challenge at Jackalope Jacks. The prize of a year of free food is very valuable to a college student.

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