Man v. Food Nation: Jackson Pictures

Adam is in Jackson, MS, for fall-off-the-bone BBQ, a comfort food buffet and a 3-patty hamburger and fries challenge.
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Adam heads to Jackson, MS, to get a true taste of Southern eats.

Adam's first stop is the Chimneyville Smokehouse, an old train depot in the heart of Jackson that serves up some smokin’ good flavors.

Adam asks customers Logan and Will Barber for their reviews of the food at Chimneyville Smokehouse.

The chefs at Chimneyville Smokehouse work hard to prepare BBQ and sides for the customers.

The Chimneyville Smokehouse is known for its hickory-smoked brisket and ribs.

The next stop on Adam's Mississippi adventure is Two Sisters' Kitchen where chef Diann Alford fills Adam in on the restaurant's famous crispy fried chicken.

The all-you-can-eat buffet lets customers pile on the country fried steak, mashed potatoes, creamy mac 'n’ cheese and the restaurant's famous crispy fried chicken.

Adam stops by Hal & Mal's to get a lesson from Chef Harold on how to create the perfect catfish po' boy.

A close-up look at the finished product. Yummy!

Adam's last stop is Burgers & Blues so he can coach Garrett Willingham in the Whammy Challenge.

Adam meets with chef Pierre Jackson to get the dish on Burgers & Blues.

Don't the Burgers & Blues burgers look delicious? We want a bite right now!

Chef Pierre runs a tight ship so that the team can get out all the orders at Burgers & Blues.

The Whammy Challenge: a triple-stacked burger surrounded by a pound of fries and a root beer float.

Challenger Garrett Willingham prepares himself -- mentally and physically -- to take on the Whammy Challenge. Will he be successful? Tune in and see!