Syracuse v. Pittsburgh & North Carolina v. Durham

The UNC Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils face off and Pittsburgh's Atomic Hot Wings face off with Mother's Cupboards' famous breakfast in Syracuse.

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Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmern at Brasa Premium Rotisserie. 960 1280


Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmern at Brasa Premium Rotisserie. 960 1280


Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmern at Brasa Premium Rotisserie. 960 1280


Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmern at Brasa Premium Rotisserie. 960 1280


Adam's reaction to eating lutefisk. 960 1280


Adam Richman with Travel Channel's Man v. Food producers, Sharp Entertainment producers and Andrew Zimmern at Brasa. 960 1280


Burgers at The 5-8 Club. 960 1280


Adam with customers at The 5-8 Club. 960 1280


Adam and Mario measure the Gasthof Meterbratwurst before the challenge. 960 1280


Adam holds a tray of sides at Gasthof. 960 1280


Adam Richman at Gasthof 960 1280


Minneapolis  11 Photos

Adam Richman jokes with customers at Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger. 960 1280


Adam signs a T-shirt for Blimpy Burger owner Rich Magner. 960 1280


Blimpy serves up several kinds of fried vegetables, including mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini. 960 1280


Sandwiches prepared at Maize and Blue Deli. 960 1280


One of the all-star sandwiches from Maize and Blue Deli. 960 1280


Just some of the ingredients used to create the Mount Nacheesmo Challenge -- at Tio's Mexican Cafe. 960 1280


The Mount Nacheesmo, a 5-lb. platter of nachos loaded with fixings like beef, chicken, beans and guacamole. 960 1280


Burritos are also a popular dish at Tio's Mexican Café. 960 1280


Adam and Field Director Dan Kornfeld embrace. 960 1280


Owners Tim and Harriet Seaver greet customers in the dining room at Tio's Mexican Café. 960 1280


Ann Arbor Photos  10 Photos


10 Photos

Adam talks meat with the owner of Wimpy's Grill. 960 1280


A beautiful shot of the Wimpy's double-stacked cheeseburger, complete with crispy bacon. 960 1280


Adam Richman falls in love. 960 1280


Adam demonstrates the messiness but goodness of the Wimpy's burger. 960 1280


Adam celebrates after successfully chopping. 960 1280


An entrée of barbecue, collard greens and mac `n' cheese at the Backyard Barbecue Pit. 960 1280


Team Food Fighters, including Adam and Dhani Jones, give themselves one last pep talk before the race begins. 960 1280


Adam stretches before his leg of the race. 960 1280


The Doughman Challenge starts off with a breakfast -- eggs sunny side up. 960 1280


Team Food Fighters finishes the race together. 960 1280


960 1280

Hilton Worldwide  

A Cuban sandwich at Aguila Sandwich Shop. 960 1280


Adam discusses the shoot with field sound mixer Eric Bini and talent AP Chris Stearns. 960 1280


Pro wrestling tag team dubbed The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs (right) and Jerry Sags (left) with Adam and 2 young MvF Nation fans. 960 1280


Skipper's Smokehouse at night. 960 1280


A plate of alligator ribs at Skipper's Smokehouse. 960 1280


Director of Photography Dan Walworth adjusts the lens on his camera. 960 1280


Adam with a customer and her fish Reuben sandwich at Aguila Sandwich Shop. 960 1280


The Nasty Boys rest after laying the smack down on their opponent. 960 1280


An iconic surfboard outside of Skipper's Smokehouse. 960 1280


Merchandise at Skipper's Smokehouse. 960 1280


12 Photos

Dave S. with the 120-oz. steak challenge at Gregory's Steakhouse in Allentown, PA. "After eating half, I passed out." 960 1280


Janella L. visited Mac 24/7 in Hawaii for the pineapple, mac nut and coconut pancakes. '"I prepped myself for 3 weeks." 960 1280


Erwin A. visited Smoky's Bar and Grill in Gatlinburg, TN, where he "had the biggest burger I've ever had." 960 1280


William M. was the "first person to finish the Shake & Sandwich challenge" at Chick & Ruth's Delly in Annapolis, MD. 960 1280


Kevin M. took down 5 lbs. of Hillbilly Hotdogs in LeSage, WV. "I love to visit all the places Adam does his challenges." 960 1280


Garrett C. visited SmokeEaters in San Rafael, CA, for the Hellfire Challenge. 960 1280


Chow S. tried the Pho Garden challenge in Sacramento, CA, but "3 scoops of noodles and 4 meatballs kept me from finishing. 960 1280


Dan F. visited Tom, Dick and Harry's in Green Bay, WI, for their beer-braised bratwurst challenge. 960 1280


Sam J. visited the Ohio Deli in Columbus, OH, for the Dagwood Challenge. "The fries got the best of me." 960 1280


Lindsey D. tried the 1-lb. bacon BLT at Tony's in Birch Run, MI. 960 1280


Joseph H. of New Providence, NJ, poses with the Cinque Cento Panini Challenge, weighing in at 3-1/2-lbs. 960 1280


Andrew V. visited the Hash House a Go Go in San Francisco, CA. "I look skinny, but man I can eat a lot, and I eat fast." 960 1280


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