Monumental Mysteries: US Spy Ring Pictures

9 Photos

Don investigates the former home of American's first spy ring, and explores a battleship linked to tales of conspiracy.

Monumental Mysteries: Sugar House Pictures

10 Photos

Host Don Wildman explores a mansion in Michigan that was built on the back of the sweetest of swindles, and learns of a violent uprising in New York City’s Central Park.

Monumental Mysteries: Escape From Slavery Pictures

9 Photos

Don Wildman explores a historic home involved in one of the most audacious escapes from slavery, and marvels at an antenna that changed our lives.

Monumental Mysteries: Blind Tom Pictures

9 Photos

Host Don Wildman explores the grave of a blind slave whose musical talents led to a custody battle, and studies the origins of the snowboard.

Monumental Mysteries: Florida Three Toes Pictures

11 Photos

Don explores the University of California Berkeley where a scientist once tried to play God and investigates the tale of a Godzilla-like creature.

Superman vs. KKK Pictures

11 Photos

Host Don Wildman explores a colossal mountain where a hero in disguise took on the KKK, and investigates the grave of politician Huey Long.

Monumental Mysteries: Filth Party Pictures

10 Photos

Don Wildman investigates the former home of a mysterious dancer, a 16-foot-tall statue of Vladimir Lenin and a disease once studied by a scientist who used himself as a lab rat.

Monumental Mysteries: Kecksburg Acorn Pictures

12 Photos

Don Wildman investigates a bizarre acorn-shaped sculpture, the world's smallest skyscraper and a engineering wonder inspired by an eccentric figure.

Monumental Mysteries: Rocket Man Pictures

10 Photos

Host Don Wildman explores a life-sized bronze statue of a pioneering explorer, the David and Goliath tale of New York's newsboys and more.

Monumental Mysteries: Sacred Cod Pictures

11 Photos

Host Don Wildman investigates the fishy disappearance of a sacred effigy; explores the truth behind the first African-American baseball player; and examines the statue of a New York mayor.

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