Roosevelt's Moroccan Mission, The Last Bare Knuckle Boxer, America's First Spy Ring

Host Don Wildman explores battleship linked to tales of conspiracy and lies involving one of the nation's most loved presidents; examines the marker that commemorates the incredible story of the last bare knuckle boxing match; investigates the former home of the brains behind American's first spy ring.

The House That Sugar Built, Kill Dozer, Rocking Chair Riots

Host Don Wildman explores a mansion in Michigan that was built on the back of the sweetest of swindles; investigates the town of Granby, CO that was terrorized by a mechanical monster hell bent on destruction; and learns of a violent uprising in NYC's Central Park that left it changed forever.

Escape From Slavery, A Witch On Hatteras Island, The Horn That Made A Big Bang

Host Don Wildman explores an historic home in Boston involved in one of the most audacious escapes from slavery of all time; investigates a majestic oak tree on Hatteras Island, NC linked to stories of witchcraft; and marvels at the Holmdel Horn antenna that forever changed our understanding of life itself.

St. Urho, Mystery Castle, Bat Bombs

Host Don Wildman investigates a sculpture of a suspicious saint with a dubious past; visits a fanciful fortress at the center of a strange tale of secrecy, discovery, and death; and explores spectacular caverns and its multitude of bats which inspired a covert military operation.

American Venus, Alien Abduction, Man Versus Bear

Scattered around New York City are three statues inspired by the same stunning model, who was a muse to hundreds of artists. But another man's obsession with her went far beyond fine art. In Arizona, the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is home to over 400 species of wildlife and over 680 miles of rivers and streams. But this tranquil oasis was also the site of a bizarre and chilling encounter and a mysterious disappearance that many are convinced was an alien abduction. And the city of Buffalo, New York lends its name to a fiery and famous all-American food. But this culinary creation sparked an investigation and fierce debate that is still ongoing today.

Smoky the Yorkie, Golden Gate Bridge, Impossible Climb

Host Don Wildman visits the memorial to the dog that became a celebrated war hero, examines the iconic bridge shrouded in tragedy, and heads to the state forest where a unidentified substance threatened an entire community.

Chrysler Building, Stanford Mausoleum, Hindenburg Disaster

The Chrysler Building is one of Manhattan's most iconic skyscrapers. But its construction was fueled by a bitter rivalry between two one-time colleagues in a competition that transfixed the nation. A mausoleum on the campus of California's Stanford University commemorates one of this school's founding figures, whose chilling murder remains unsolved to this day. And in Hollywood, California, a star commemorates an iconic legend who graced the silver screen with her beauty and the world with a technological innovation that is still in use.

Teen Vampire, King of Cons, Devil in the White City

The Chestnut Hill Baptist Church in Exeter, Rhode Island is the site of a cemetery where a tombstone marks the resting place of a young woman who some believe haunted this small New England Town and inspired a literary classic. New York City's Brooklyn Bridge is the inspiration for one of America's most notorious scams, perpetrated by an expert con man whose daring scheme still resonates today. And in California's San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, two inmates pulled off a brazen escape from the country's most infamous prison.

Sickness of the Brooklyn Bridge, Day the Sky Fell Down, Stairway from Heaven

NewYork's Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. But a mysterious disease once afflicted the many workers who toiled tirelessly tobuild it over the East River. The small town of Sylacauga, Alabama proudly displays a curious marble sculpture thatcommemorates an earth-shattering event that sparked a wave of fear and paranoia across the South. And California's Joshua Tree National Park was once the site of a strange plot involving the body of a legendary rock star.

The Real Rocky, Dr. Burdell, Devil's Lake

Near the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art stands a statue of the fictional film icon Rocky Balboa. But who was the real life boxer who inspired this famous underdog tale? In Brooklyn's Greenwood Cemetery stand two tombstones in close proximity to each other, marking the final resting place of a wealthy murder victim and that of his possible killer. What was the strange relationship of these graveyard neighbors? And next to the retired USS Midway aircraft carrier in San Diego California is a colorful statue known asUnconditional Surrender,which depicts an iconic moment at the end of World War Two when a Navy sailor spontaneously kissed a nurse in Times Square. So, who were these iconic paramours?

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