The Blonde Butcher, Charley Ross Kidnapping, Southern Sasquatch

The Pinal County Historical Society Museum in Florence, Arizona has on display a handcrafteddoll that is linked to one of the most salacious and sensational criminal cases of the 1930s. The Museum of Connecticut Glass in Coventry, Connecticut has a glass bottle that bears a secret message from a heart-wrenching saga that consumed a family. And in Portland, Maine, the International Cryptozoology Museum has a wire mesh window screen through which a horrific and legendary beast was first viewed by human eyes.

The Infamous Jersey Devil, Tank Rampage, The Mysterious Death of President Harding

At the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine, a plaster cast of hoof prints speaks of a mythic beast that is thought to haunt the woods of New Jersey. At the General Patton Memorial Museum inChiriaco Summit, California, a massive tank on view harkens back to when a lethal war machine laid siege to an American city. And at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia, visitors can view the stately train car of President Warren G. Harding and learn of his untimely and mysterious death while aboard.

Annie Oakley, Project Chariot, Old State Prison Haunting

The Autry National Center in Los Angeles, California displays a pistol that is linked to a legendary love story that sparked the career of America's first female superstar. The Museum of the North in Fairbanks, Alaska has in its collection a plant specimen that points to a toxic tale of unbridled human exploitation. And the Old State Prison Museum in Deer Lodge, Montana, has a pair of concrete shoes used to punish a convict who is allegedly serving more than a life sentence.

Civil War Prostitutes, Art Hoax, In Cold Blood

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland has in its collection a glass vial filled with a silvery salve that was used to wage a battle against a medical nightmare. The Charles E. Young Research Library at the University of California-Los Angles has a colorful canvas that hides an artful truth. And the Finney County Historical Museum in Garden City, Kansas contains a boot worn during a notorious murder that shook a small town to its core and inspired an American literary masterpiece.

The Death William Wood, Hacker Spy, Skunk Ape

At the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell Kentucky, visitors to the worlds only museum dedicated to the art of ventriloquism will see a set of tattered and weather beaten dummies who may be the only remaining witnesses to a bone-chilling crime. At the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, a decades-old rudimentary electronic device played a critical role in exposing and capturing one of the worlds first hacker spies. And at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine a plaster cast of a large and strange looking footprint may prove the existence of a ghastly creature thought only to exist in myths.

Crossword Code, Ampelmann, Brushy Bill

Host Don Wildman examines a puzzling crossword that some believed threatened to expose top-secret information about D-Day information, a set of traffic signals that became a beloved symbol of East German culture, and a set of leg irons shackles that once restrained a legendary outlaw of the Wild West.

Cleveland Tumor, Lions of Tsavo, Willamette Meteorite

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Mutter Museum contains carefully preserved human remains that once placed a central role in a major political scandal. The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois is home to a massive skull belonging to a beast that terrorized people on the African savannah. And at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Eugene, OR stands a replica of an otherworldly object that represents a creative and ingenious heist.

Robber's Bride, The Night Disco Exploded, Escape By Sea

The Old Sacramento Visitors Center in California displays an old Concord stagecoach that symbolizes one legendary lonely heart's broken dreams. The Baseball Reliquary in Arcadia, California displays a collection of melted vinyl records that sparked the decline of a cultural phenomenon, and at the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus, GA, a ship model represents a thrilling tale of bravery, perseverance, and a bold bid for freedom.

Radioactive Boy Scout, Match of the Century, Four Corners Outbreak

At the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a simple cloth badge recalls an ambitious teenager's science experiment that endangered an entire town. The World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri is home to a hand-carved chess set that was once used in a crucial match at the height of the 20th century's most dramatic political standoff. And at the University of New Mexico's Museum of Southwestern Biology, a number of eerie animal specimens once incited deadly panic throughout the region.

Asylum Poisoning, Naked Joe, The Mad Bomber

At the The Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health in Salem, visitors inspecting a pair of commonplace dining implements will be shocked to discover they played a central role in a terrifying and deadly outbreak that devastated an Oregon psychiatric ward. At the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum in Ilwaco, Washington, a charcoal portrait on display showcases a scantily clad man who was once embroiled in a scandalous expose that remains controversial to this day. And at the New York Municipal Archives in New York City, an aged dossier from the 1950's outlines the nail biting saga when a lunatic terrorized New York city and a doctor used cutting edge methods to put him behind bars.

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