Cherry Sisters, President's Cow, Birth of a Riot

Don Wildman examines a painted wooden sign, a milk can and a film program.

Peeping Butler, Beaver Bomb, Mother's Day Mother

Don Wildman examines a trinket, a novel contraption and a scandalous machine.

Secrets of Las Vegas

Host Don Wildman examines a seared poker chip.

Peanut Pusher, Hollywood Holdout, Lost Treasure

Don examines an unusual fad that inspired a daring adventure.

Rubik's Cube, World's First Factory, The Amphicar

Host Don Wildman examines a classic toy, a silk sample and a quirky car.

Pop Rocks Invention, Pinball Wizard, London Smog

Host Don Wildman examines a unique candy, a pinball machine and a flare stick.

Killer Bee Attack, Road Map Creation, Gas Mask

Host Don Wildman examines an iconic road sign, a bee specimen and a gas mask.

Stolen Strad, Fall From Space, Czech Dream

Don investigates a space capsule used by a heroic astronaut.

Opera Riot, Golfing Soldier, Great Mail Robbery

Don Wildman examines a copy of a play that sparked riots.

Mile-High Club, Attempted Assassinatio, Zip to Zap

How did a cane foil a would-be presidential assassin?