Anthrax, Marilyn Monroe, Hunley Submarine

Don examines a simple cardboard box that's contents were once tied to a deadly outbreak that paralyzed the country with fear. He inspects a small pill bottle that may shed light on an icon's mysterious death. And he investigates a Civil War submarine.

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From This Episode

The Titan Missile, as seen at night, at the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, AZ. 960 1280


Marilyn Monroe display at the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles. 960 1280


A coupon used in the original Ponzi scheme is on display at the Museum of American Finance in NYC. 960 1280


Museum of Flight curator Dan Hagedorn examines a piece of Amelia Earhart's plane. 960 1280


A cardboard box on display at the Centers for Disease Control Museum in Atlanta. 960 1280


Hunley Submarine on display at the Friends of the Hunley in Charleston, SC. 960 1280


Notorious scammer Charles Ponzi. 960 1280


Marilyn Monroe's pill bottle at the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles. 960 1280


Titan Missile Museum’s director, Yvonne Morris, examines the keys once used to operate the Titan missile. 960 1280


Museum of American Finance’s director, Richard Sylla, examines a coupon used in the original Ponzi scheme. 960 1280


Exterior of the Hollywood Museum in Los Angeles. 960 1280


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