Mysteries of the Sea: Monsters, Sunken Ships and Ocean Oddities

15 Photos

Endless secrets lurk in the briny deep. Ships disappear in the waves, planes slip to the ocean floor and eerie formations hint of forgotten cities. Dive in. You'll find many mysteries that lie under the sea. 

Don Wildman Investigates the Myths Behind King Tut

15 Photos

King Tut's tomb was discovered almost a century ago, yet it continues to puzzle the world today. Don Wildman heads to Egypt to retrace the steps of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who made the incredible discovery, and to learn about important truths still being uncovered.

Don Wildman Digs for Clues About the Dinosaurs

11 Photos

From a T-Rex fossil dig to flying high above an asteroid crater, Don reveals why it's important to understand one of Earth's greatest mysteries on a special edition of Mysteries at the Museum!

Don Wildman Searches for Answers at Alcatraz

11 Photos

More than 50 years after it happened, Don Wildman heads to San Francisco to dig deep into the evidence and unearth the real story behind the notorious escape from Alcatraz. From flying in a seaplane high above San Francisco Bay to paddling a raft through crashing waves, Don is on a mission to examine the world's greatest prison break from every conceivable angle.

Don Wildman Explores the Mysteries of the Titanic

11 Photos

Why exactly did the Titanic sink, and how could it have been avoided? To get a better understanding of the world's most enduring nautical tragedy, Don Wildman goes on the scene, under the water and up in the skies to investigate. Get a sneak peek at his adventurous deep dive into one of the world's most iconic mysteries.

15 of the Spookiest, Creepiest Museums Ever

15 Photos

It's time to embrace your inner Don Wildman and visit these monstrously scary museums—if you dare. You'll encounter legendary creatures that stalk the night (or swim the seas), tales of notorious killers, shocking psychiatric treatments, and mummies mouthing silent screams. A word of warning: you may not sleep well after you visit. This is the stuff of nightmares. 

Mysteries: Cold War Checkmate Pictures

11 Photos

Don investigates the badge that inspired an ambitious teen to undertake a perilous nuclear experiment and a chess set used in an unparalleled match of Cold War wits.

Mysteries: Singing Convict Pictures

12 Photos

Don examines the Tootsie Roll candies that once saved the lives of a courageous band of soldiers, a guitar owned by a legendary musical jailbird, and a bicycle that helped launch humans into space.

Mysteries: Doyle and Houdini Pictures

10 Photos

Host Don Wildman examines a captivating portrait, a medal that was awarded to a man whose controversial experiments changed American dinner tables forever, and a key used by a shady impostor.

Mysteries: Lady and the Panda Pictures

11 Photos

Don examines film depicting a high-flying stunt that changed aviation history, a panda discovered by an unlikely heroine, and a document that tells the story of one man’s unparalleled imprisonment.

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