Man at Work

Don gets hands-on experience in some of the roughest and toughest work environments imaginable, including fighting fires, cleaning up waterways, and repairing an Olympic venue.

Drag Racing, Scaling Water Slides, and Logistics By UPS

Don heads to zMAX Dragway, the world's only four-lane all concrete drag strip, where he gets to ride in a two-person dragster at around 160mph. Next, Don visits UPS Worldport in Louisville KY, where he unloads an incoming aircraft and sorts packages. Then, he heads to Washington DC where the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool's water supply system is being updated to eliminate stagnant water by circulating water from the Tidal Basin. Here, Don carefully places one of the original stone slabs back along the edge of the pool. Then, in Wilson NC, Don travels to a local restaurant for a grease pick up. He places the collection truck's hose in a bucket of grease and and then dumps the grease into a processor back at the facility. He checks out the grease step by step as it is refined into biodiesel. And in Denver CO, Don ducks underground to a construction site where a 22-bay bus station is being built as part of the Denver Union Station redevelopment project. And finally, Don heads to Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Roanoke, TX to see how crews gear up for the impending summer season. Here he climbs up a rope about 8-stories to wax and buff a section of the "

High-Tech Adventures

Don travels the country to explore many technologies, from a futuristic array of luggage conveyors to a manned rover designed to explore other planets.

Amazing Engineering

Host Don Wildman gets an up-close look at some of the amazing engineering that helps make the United States run as great as it does. He goes fourteen stories under New York City's Grand Central Station to see how they are creating a brand new system of subway tunnels. Don then climbs 523 feet above San Francisco Bay to check out a new earthquake-proof bridge. Next, he battles class four rapids that are completely man-made in North Carolina. Finally, Don visits a port in California that rips apart and ships out the nation's scrap metal.

All-Access Adventure

Host Don Wildman takes on some amazing adventures to places most people are not allowed. First, he heads into the time trials at an insane boot camp for a NASCAR pit crew. Next, Don dives down thirty feet below Sin City's most spectacular aquatic show to see how they pull off the show, "Le Reve". Then, he pilots the Goodyear Blimp and learns what keeps this icon in the air and on everyone's mind. Lastly, Don steps into the ring with one of the Everglades' deadliest residents- the alligator.

Exploding Fireworks, Building Jet Engines, and Reconstructing the National Cathedral

Don rips off a roof in Philly, carves stone for the National Cathedral, gets an up close look at a jet engine in NC, and tests fireworks in California.

Blasting Granite, Bobbing for Logs, and Training with the Pit Crew

Don floats on a barge along the Edisto River in South Carolina in search of sinker logs that can be milled and turned into hardwood floors and furniture. He dives into the river, wraps a cable around the sinker log, and uses a pulley system on the barge to bring it to the surface. Then, he heads to the mill, where the log is dried and cut with an Alaskan sawmill. Next, Don heads to Hendrick Motorsports in North Carolina for a pit crew training and practice program to learn the pit stop basics and see if he has what it takes. Later, Don travels to the Arrowood Quarry to see how they pull a hard rock out of the Earth. He witnesses a blast that fractures a section of granite rock before it gets collected and crushed into smaller pieces. Next, Don hops onto a boat headed to the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island, a part of the Channel Islands National Park. From there Don puts on a wet suit, gets into his kayak and paddles along the shore into a number of sea caves along the island's coast. Finally, Don boards one of the flight simulators used to train UPS pilots at UPS Worldport in Louisville KY. Here, he steps into the cockpit and takes control of a simulation aboard a 767 over Las Vegas.

Dirty Secrets of Boston

Don explores the hidden corners of Boston to uncover how this city has been solving big problems with bold ideas. He gets access to the first subway in the US, an innovative sewage superhighway under the city, the 2nd largest waste treatment plant in the US that has helped Boston to clean up its infamously filthy harbor, a windmill that's a high tech source of green energy, a military stronghold and the remnants of forgotten towns, utterly destroyed to quench the city of Boston's thirst.


Don explores Pittsburgh's industrial wasteland and hi-tech wonders.


Don scours treacherous terrain to discover Tennessee's hard-living past.

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