Don reveals how early pioneers transformed the desert into bustling cities. He gets access to a secret missile silo that could have started World War III. And he explores a lost gold mine and a dam that helped grow the city.

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Don Wildman is filmed outside Old Wasp Gold Mine in Goldfield, AZ. In this episode, Don uncovers terrifying truths behind the deadly quest for gold. 960 1280


Don gets an exclusive inside look at the Theodore Roosevelt Dam northeast of Phoenix. Built in a gorge originally called 'The Crossing' by early pioneers, this dam was once the largest masonry dam in the world. 960 1280


Venturing into Arizona's backcountry, Don Wildman reveals how early pioneers transformed stark desert into bustling cities. 960 1280


Don Wildman sits down with Clay Worst, one of the last true gold prospectors in the West. Clay Worst has been hunting for a legendary gold mine in the hills for 60 years. The Lost Dutchman Mine has lured hundreds of people the remote mountains and dozens to their death. 960 1280


Old Wasp Gold Mine near the Superstition Mountains is the only operational gold mine left in Goldfield, AZ. 960 1280


Don gets special access to the bowels of the Roosevelt Dam'an engineering marvel and breakthrough in hydroelectric power that transformed the Western U.S. 960 1280


Don Wildman shows isn't all about gold when he explores Silver King Mine, an inactive silver mine located near Superior, AZ. 960 1280


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