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Sam discovers how wine became the lifeblood of Napa and Sonoma.

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Japanese students surround Samantha Brown in Kyoto. 960 1280


Samantha Brown gets into uniform at a sushi school. 960 1280


A geisha teaches Samantha Brown a drinking game in Kyoto. 960 1280


Samantha and the owner of Sushi Zanmai pose with a big blue-fin tuna. 960 1280


Samantha Brown and local guide Kumi sample sake and snacks at an old local bar in Kyoto. 960 1280


Samantha Brown learns how to saw dried bamboo from a professional craftsman. 960 1280


Samantha Brown poses in full geisha dress and makeup for a photo shoot. 960 1280


A cameraman films Samantha Brown as she walks across a bridge in the mountains of Kyoto. 960 1280


Samantha Brown has coffee and some furry company at a Cat Café in Tokyo. 960 1280


The production crew films a scene with Samantha Brown on top of a skyscraper in Tokyo. 960 1280


Samantha Brown and local guide Kumi stroll through a park in Kyoto during cherry blossom season. 960 1280


Japan  11 Photos

Sam picks grapes at Schramsberg Vineyard with producer Sally Freeman. 960 1280


Sam along with Hugh Davies and Keith Hock are about to savor sparkling Rosé at Schramsberg Winery. 960 1280


Volcanic ash mud bath at Indian Springs Spa. 960 1280


Sam meets beekeepers Spencer and Helene Marshall of Marshall's Honey at Domaine Chandon Winery. 960 1280


Sam trys a wine and cheese pairing at Domain Chandon Winery with Chef Perry Hoffman. 960 1280


Next stop on the Napa tour: Robinson Family Winery. 960 1280


Sam arrives in style to the Andretti Winery Speedway Children's Charity Banquet. 960 1280


Andretti Winery Speedway Children's Charity Banquet. 960 1280


Arriving at Chateau Montelena, Sam gets a makeup refresh. 960 1280


Napa  9 Photos

Samantha Brown visits Culebra and learns about kite-surfing from instructor Karla Barrera. 960 1280


Samantha Brown puts her salsa skills to the test with dance instructor Rafa Cancel. 960 1280


An aerial view of San Juan. 960 1280


Samantha Brown checks out the competition. 960 1280


Lunch. El Rancho's mouthwatering roast lechon (pig). 960 1280


Samantha Brown chats with baseball player Carlos Maysonet. 960 1280


One gorgeous sunset in Old San Juan. 960 1280


Samantha Brown watches a beautiful performance of the Escuela de Bomba y Plena de Puerto Rico. 960 1280


Samantha Brown experiences salsa music at the Nuyorican Café. 960 1280


Samantha Brown tours Flamenco Beach in Culebra with her guide Sofia Silvestrini. 960 1280


Samantha Brown cares for the local wildlife at Escuela Puertorriqueña del Arte Ecuestre with its founder Melba Figueroa. 960 1280


Puerto Rico  11 Photos

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The Greek Isles are calling to Sam. First stop: Santorini. 960 1280


Sam and local artist Stelios discuss pottery techniques. 960 1280


Filming at the Volcano View Villas. 960 1280


The view from Santorini's caldera. 960 1280


The crew shoots Sam talking to a bride before her wedding. 960 1280


A big fat Greek wedding in Santorini. 960 1280


Sam goes sailing on the turquoise-blue water off Santorini. 960 1280


Sam takes in the stunning view of the Greek Isles. 960 1280


Sam dines on octopus with local fishermen. 960 1280


Studio Yria on Paros island. 960 1280


Sam's off to go archaeological snorkeling. 960 1280


Taking a break from the underwater ruins search. 960 1280


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Sam rubs the belly of a Buddha in Haw Par Villa for luck. 960 1280


Sam tours the Raffles Hotel with her guide Anita Kapoor. 960 1280


The Singapore Cricket Club play on The Padang. 960 1280


Cameraman Nik Porter films Singapore's National Sepak Takraw team. 960 1280


Sam and Singpore's paranormal investigator John Kwok explore the mythical park of Haw Par Villa. 960 1280


Sam attends a Hindu ceremony with Anita Kapoor in Singapore's Little India. 960 1280


Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles outside Singapore's Victoria Theater. 960 1280


Cookie Museum owner, Ian Ong introduces Sam to some unique cookie flavors. 960 1280


Sam and Singporean adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow kayak in Marina Bay. 960 1280


Sam prepares to go kayaking with Khoo Swee Chiow. 960 1280


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Niall de Burca, a seanchai (aka an Irish storyteller), tells Samantha Brown stories about Ireland. 960 1280


A beautiful panoramic view of Inis Mor, the largest of Ireland's Aran Islands. 960 1280


Diarmuid Kelly and Samantha Brown harvest oysters in Galway Bay. 960 1280


David Atkinson of Dromoland School of Falconry gives Sam Brown a few pointers. 960 1280


Samantha Brown meets local "set dancers" at Joe Watty's Pub on Inis Mor. 960 1280


Sam spends time chatting with the "King of the Claddagh," Michael Lynskey. 960 1280


Samantha Brown looks over the edge of a cliff at Dun Aengus on Inis Mor. 960 1280


Sam poses in a traditional Irish step-dancing costume with members of the Sharkey School of Dancing in Ennis, Ireland. 960 1280


Samantha Brown sails on the Galway hooker with Michael Lynskey, the "King of the Claddagh." 960 1280