Sam takes in the sights of Miami's South Beach with good friends. See her photos from this fun-filled weekend.

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Samantha carrying a fresh palm leaf with Britt and Anna Rogers in Maui, HI. 960 1280


One of Maui's many amazing views. 960 1280


Sam gathers shells with Anna Rogers and Linda Castro in Maui. 960 1280


Iokepe Naeole helps Sam practice her throwing skills. 960 1280


Sunrise at the top of Haleakala Crater. 960 1280


Even chocolate grows in Hawaii. 960 1280


Sarabeth Rings shows Sam how to make a bike-powered smoothie at Laulima Farms in Maui. 960 1280


West Maui mountains during a rainstorm. 960 1280


Closeup of the tropical plant, taro, from which poi is made from. 960 1280


Lopaka Aiwohi teaches Sam and Sarah Ceccarelli how to make poi. 960 1280


Linda Castro shows Sam, Britt and Anna Rogers how to weave palm leaves. 960 1280


Maui  11 Photos

Sam joins the hula lesson on the Big Island, Hawaii. 960 1280


Sam gets a kava lesson at Kanaka Kava on the Big Island, Hawaii. 960 1280


Danny Akaka teaches Sam how to make an offering on the Big Island, Hawaii. 960 1280


Sam chats with some locals at Kanaka Kava. 960 1280


A freshly cleaned turtle pokes his head up to say hello. 960 1280


Sam learns traditional luau chants from Auntie Lei. 960 1280


The view from the top of Mauna Kea, on the Big Island, Hawaii. 960 1280


Sam gets a lesson from Ski Kwiatkowski about canoe-making at the Mauna Lani Resort. 960 1280


Danny Akaka blesses the canoe before its maiden voyage. 960 1280


Sam gets a ride on a hand-made outrigger canoe on the Big Island. 960 1280


Sam and Danny Akaka go for a stroll at the Mauna Lani Resort. 960 1280


Big Island  11 Photos

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