New Hampshire

Sam visits some of her favorite hometown haunts including lighthouses and skiing spots while in New Hampshire. See photos here.

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Barrels of Wine. 960 1280


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Clos Pegase's Vineyard. 960 1280


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Sam picks grapes at Schramsberg Vineyard with producer Sally Freeman. 960 1280


Sam along with Hugh Davies and Keith Hock are about to savor sparkling Rosé at Schramsberg Winery. 960 1280


Volcanic ash mud bath at Indian Springs Spa. 960 1280


Sam meets beekeepers Spencer and Helene Marshall of Marshall's Honey at Domaine Chandon Winery. 960 1280


Sam trys a wine and cheese pairing at Domain Chandon Winery with Chef Perry Hoffman. 960 1280


Next stop on the Napa tour: Robinson Family Winery. 960 1280


Sam arrives in style to the Andretti Winery Speedway Children's Charity Banquet. 960 1280


Andretti Winery Speedway Children's Charity Banquet. 960 1280


Arriving at Chateau Montelena, Sam gets a makeup refresh. 960 1280


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Sam getting mic'd. 960 1280


Sam with owners Willow Shambeck and Melixa Carbonell of Shou'ture. 960 1280


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