Sam's Top 10 Travel Moments

Where has Sam been over the last 10 years? Everywhere. Check out some of the highlights and you be the judge of what is Sam's best tavel moment ...we can't decide!

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Sam with girlfriends, Liz and Nancy. 960 1280


The pool at the Delano. 960 1280


South Beach 960 1280


Miami  3 Photos


12 Photos

Sam tours the Vong Vieng Floating Village in Halong Bay, Vietnam. 960 1280


Trying to blend in with the locals, Sam rides a motorbike around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 960 1280


Sam and Winnie Yeung shop at a Tai O dried fish stand in Hong Kong. 960 1280


Filming the Hong Kong episode, the crew is hoping Sam won't look down during this shot. 960 1280


Always up for trying a new spa treatment, Sam receives a pedicure from a tankful of minnows in Cambodia. 960 1280


Sam enjoys a watermelon juice from a longboat on Railay Beach, Thailand. 960 1280


Sam learns the proper way to bathe elephant Do-Do with the help of one of Patara Elephant Farm's mahouts in Thailand. 960 1280


Samantha and local guide Teresa explore Little India in Penang, Malaysia. 960 1280


Carrying a basketful of fresh-picked tea leaves, Sam tours the Boh Tea Plantation in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. 960 1280


Young Japanese students in Kyoto surround Sam. 960 1280


Sam presents an offering in Bali's holiest spring, Tirta Empul. 960 1280


Sam strolls along the stunning beaches of Gili Meno, an island off Bali. 960 1280


9 Photos

Sam picks grapes at Schramsberg Vineyard with producer Sally Freeman. 960 1280


Sam along with Hugh Davies and Keith Hock are about to savor sparkling Rosé at Schramsberg Winery. 960 1280


Volcanic ash mud bath at Indian Springs Spa. 960 1280


Sam meets beekeepers Spencer and Helene Marshall of Marshall's Honey at Domaine Chandon Winery. 960 1280


Sam trys a wine and cheese pairing at Domain Chandon Winery with Chef Perry Hoffman. 960 1280


Next stop on the Napa tour: Robinson Family Winery. 960 1280


Sam arrives in style to the Andretti Winery Speedway Children's Charity Banquet. 960 1280


Andretti Winery Speedway Children's Charity Banquet. 960 1280


Arriving at Chateau Montelena, Sam gets a makeup refresh. 960 1280


10 Photos

Samantha dances with the Gund Kwok Dance Troupe in Boston Common. 960 1280


Gund Kwok Dance Troupe's mission is to give Asian women the opportunity to express their power and strength through dance. 960 1280


Sam walks through Frog Pond in Boston Common. 960 1280


The crew takes a break on location in Boston Common. 960 1280


Even Sam has to carry a camera once in awhile. 960 1280


Sam cracks herself up as she strolls through the streets of Beacon Hill. 960 1280


Sailing instructor David Carlson and Samantha Brown prepare to hoist a sail. 960 1280


Sam sets sail in Boston's Inner Harbor. 960 1280


Director of Photography Paul Kloss sets up a shot. 960 1280


See you next weekend! 960 1280