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Ringling Bros. Miami

The team runs away with the circus to Miami, Florida, to create a massive sand sculpture for the opening night of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. After the group gets dangerously close to the action during their own private circus, Kirk mysteriously disappears and an essential part of the sculpture collapses in Matt's hands. With only 2 days to get the job done, the entire team digs in to unveil a 60-ton masterpiece featuring acrobats, elephants, motorcycles and an explosive surprise element for an excited crowd of circus goers.

Costa Rica Coffee

Rusty, Kirk and the team journey to beautiful Costa Rica to create a one-of-a-kind, coffee-themed sand sculpture to celebrate the international launch of local coffee company. Trekking through the jungle, exploring the wildlife and battling uncooperative sand, the sculptors have only three days to create a sand masterpiece that embraces the essence of coffee in time for a big party on the beach. They learn to make and serve the perfect cup of coffee and visit a lush and remote coffee plantation where they pick and eat raw coffee beans. Then they hit the beach to design, sculpt and reveal a mind-blowing sand masterpiece that actually dispenses real, delicious coffee.

Napa Sparkling Wine

The sculptors travel to California's Napa Valley to build a gigantic sculpture for a party celebrating a vineyard's newest label. This mind-blowing work of art contains a functioning champagne tower made entirely of sand, a bottle with a popping cork replete with bubbles and an identical replica of the vineyard’s iconic chateau. Along the way, the team experiences the art of winemaking, tastings and a breathtaking hot air balloon ride high above this fabled region.

Aspen Snowboarding

The team hits the slopes of Buttermilk ski resort in Aspen, Colorado to create an outrageous sand sculpture as the centerpiece for a skiing and snowboarding competition. Miles away from the nearest beach and almost 2 miles up, the sculptors face off against frozen sand to create Kirk's outrageous vision for an awesomely abstract yet fully functional work of art. They push the limits of sand by adding a 30-foot long box rail that skiers can actually use to do tricks right along the middle of the sand masterpiece.


Rusty, Kirk and the team are invited to LEGOLAND theme park in Southern California to create an incredibly detailed and fun Star Wars sculpture, including a sand version of the iconic Millennium Falcon as well as fully 3-dimensional, lightsaber-wielding characters like Darth Vader, Yoda and Luke Skywalker, to celebrate the theme park's newest attraction Star Wars-themed attraction. After exploring the park and its head-spinning rides, the sculptors get a behind the scenes tour of LEGOLAND's model shop and even lend a hand at finishing up the actual Star Wars LEGO exhibit. With only three days to create their own Star Wars display, the sculptors work late into the night before they unveil their masterpiece to a huge, high profile VIP media event.
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