Voodoo and Vortexes

Mike Baker goes on a dark journey to the heart of New Orleans' voodoo culture, while Ben McGhee witnesses paranormal demonstrations of gravity and perspective at a mysterious vortex in Santa Cruz, California. Then, Mike is back on duty to crack the mystery behind an iron-rich hot spring in Sedona, Arizona.

Cavemen and Sherlock Holmes

Explore a strange, abandoned castle in Connecticut with Sherlock Holmes' name on the gate. Go behind the scenes of the weirdest show on Earth. Then, find out what treasures lie 800 feet beneath a barren and unforgiving desert.

In Search of a National Treasure

Former CIA officer Mike Baker hunts for a national treasure 13 floors below the busiest train station on Earth, and Lou Hack is sent to the land of the lost to sleep in a cave. Then, will Tory Belleci be driven crazy by the quietest place in the world?

More Dead Than Alive

Take a peek at the 110 rooms of kitsch, crazy and color in the world's oddest hotel. Then, visit a thriving metropolis where the dead outnumber the living. Finally, find out what lurks in the frigid depths of Lake Tahoe.


Journalist Lily Tung finds out what lies beneath the streets of San Francisco, while Lou Hack explores a cave so big, it's the largest building in Louisville, Kentucky. Finally, reporter Hunter Ellis enters a chamber underneath Houston, Texas, that looks like a Roman ruin.

Animal Kingdom

Forget watching the sunset, let's all hold hands and watch this. Then, follow our travel expert deep inside an Alabama cave to see a rare and peculiar predator that flashes its 'open for dinner' sign to snag prey.

Burning Waterfall

Tory Belleci searches for an eternal flame burning bright inside a waterfall in New York, while Mike Baker journeys to Washington to visit a mysterious prairie covered in suspicious mounds. Then, Liam Mayclem tours a California mansion made of garbage.

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