Death and Dolls

Amy and Steve investigate claims that a North Carolina home is filled with dolls that are vessels for the dead. In this episode, Steve uncovers startling discoveries. Amy feels threatened by a man in black, and a 9-year-old girl sees the dead.

From This Episode

From the outside, the Napier home looks peaceful and serene, but inside, it is a different story. 960 1280


Lisa, who believes her house is haunted, keeps a collection of more than 2,000 dolls in her home, located in Cramerton, NC. 960 1280


Before Amy Allan arrives, Matt Anderson enters the premises of every new location and cleans it by removing any items that could lead or mislead Amy during her walk. 960 1280


Salem shows Steve Di Schiavi where she saw an apparition of an old woman sit on her bed. 960 1280


Amy Allan demonstrates to Matt Anderson how a deformed and terrifying man once tormented a dying young girl inside the walls of this house. 960 1280


Steve speaks with John, the father of the house, about his fears concerning his daughter and her paranormal sightings. 960 1280


Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve finds himself in unfamiliar territory, a home filled with more than 2,000 dolls. 960 1280


Amy tells Matt that a deformed man in black is following them outside of the house. 960 1280


Amy struggles to understand why a deformed man in black seems to be torturing the suffering souls in the basement of Napier house 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi and Amy Allan (pictured) discuss their findings with Lisa and John Napier (pictured). 960 1280


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