Terror in the Shadows

The Dead Files team investigates claims that terrifying phantoms have tortured a northern California family for generations. Amy takes a horrifying walk through their home, and Steve uncovers accounts of phantoms, possessions and unexplained physical attacks.

From This Episode

Steve Di Schiavi arrives at a Central California farmhouse to interview a reluctant mother whose children fear for her safety. 960 1280


An abandoned farm tractor haunts the vineyards of Central California. 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi looks over research at the local library near Acampo, CA. 960 1280


Laura describes to Steve Di Schiavi her terrifying childhood story of an unknown entity that grabbed her hair while she lay in bed. 960 1280


Laura shows Steve Di Schiavi where she watched the black smoky figure snake its way up and across the wall and over her bed. 960 1280


Matt Anderson prepares for Amy Allan's walk through by removing any photographs or artwork that might provide revealing information to Amy. 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi describes the story he's just heard from Lorraine, the homeowner, as, 'like something from The Exorcist.' 960 1280


As Matt Anderson films, Amy prepares herself for what she already knows will be a terrifying walk through this California farmhouse. 960 1280


Laura describes to Steve Di Schiavi her first childhood sighting of the black smoky figures that terrified her throughout her life. 960 1280


Amy and Matt inspect an unexplained injury sustained by a crewmember. Amy identifies the wound as a classic poltergeist attack. 960 1280


Amy Allan traces the movements of 'the shadow people' to their portal into and out of the house. 960 1280


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