The White Widow

The Dead Files Team investigates an historic home in New Orleans to help a family tortured by unexplained visions and bizarre occurrences. Steve hears chilling eyewitness testimonies, while Amy comes face-to-face with the apparition bearing a shocking secret.

From This Episode

Retired NYPD homicide detective, Steve Di Schiavi, inspects the attic where a widow hanged herself a century ago, according to a New Orleans legend. 960 1280


Steve follows the owner of a haunted house to the attic. 960 1280


Matt Anderson films Amy Allan as she identifies a dead person slowly crawling across the floor of a haunted home in New Orleans. 960 1280


Amy watches through the eyes of 2 male murderers as they moved through this home years earlier, searching for their victim. 960 1280


Steve listens to another witness recount an identical encounter with a female apparition. 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi recruits a New Orleans historian to help him solve the mystery behind a 200-year-old haunted house. 960 1280


Amy Allan experiences the physical pain and emotional torture of a homicide victim in a haunted New Orleans house. 960 1280


Amy experiences the horrific pain felt by a former resident of a New Orleans home a moments before the victim’s death, while Matt films from the shadows. 960 1280


Using her psychometry skills, physical medium Amy Allan touches the wall of a staircase to get a glimpse of what transpired here years ago. 960 1280


A disappointed Steve Di Schiavi follows a lead to a home demolished by hurricane Katrina. It’s another dead end in his investigation. 960 1280


Steve and Amy deliver the shocking outcome of their investigation to the current owner of a haunted home in New Orleans. 960 1280


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