When violent paranormal activity threatens a family-owned restaurant in Albuquerque, NM, Steve and Amy step in to investigate.


Steve and Amy investigate claims of disturbing paranormal activity at a historic movie theater in Marshall, MO.

The Creeper

Steve and Amy investigate the connection between a Texas woman's terrifying claims of paranormal activity and a cold-blooded murder.

Dead End - Neosho, MO

Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan investigate terrifying paranormal activity a police officer's home in Neosho, Missouri. After their client, Dennis, returned home from serving the Air Force, the last thing he expected was to feel fear in his own home. Bizarre, violent paranormal activity has been attacking his wife and kids, and he's worried he's powerless to fight back. As their separate investigations unravel the shocking misery associated with the property's past, Steve discovers the home was once a hub of debauchery and the site of a murder. Meanwhile, Amy faces her own fears when she discovers a powerful shadow person with deadly plans to harm the living. In this episode's chilling reveal, Steve and Amy compare their daunting findings to their clients - and each other - for the first time. Will they be able to bringing peace to this frightened American hero and his family.

Eternal Hatred - Chester Springs, PA

In this episode of The Dead Files, retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan investigate a home in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, where a 100-year-old murder may be related to frightening paranormal experiences. Their client, Carol, has reached her breaking point due to the horrific activity inside her home. Not only has she become ill, but her husband has been physically attacked and her daughter has been possessed by a demonic spirit roaming the property, destroying relationships between loved ones. With her family on the verge of tearing itself apart, Carol has desperately turned to Steve and Amy for answers. During their distinctly separate investigations, Steve digs into the property's past to uncover an abusive relationship between a husband and wife that ends in gunfire and death. He also researches the history of a Civil War era orphanage prone to neglect and abuse that used to stand right next to Carol's property. Meanwhile, Amy confronts a demon lurking in the barn and the spirit of a woman so full of negative energy, she can cause illness and caught in a battle against another spirit trapped in the home, leaving the living caught in the crossfire. Ultimately, Steve and Amy come together to reveal their startling discoveries to Carol, her family, and each other for the first time in hopes of protecting the living from the dangerous and frightening forces that torment them.

Assaulted - Hanover, PA

In this unnerving episode of The Dead Files, retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium AmyAllan investigate unexplained violent attacks at a terrified woman's home in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Their client, Deanna, has lived in the house with her worried husband, Tom, for the past seven years, and claims she has been the victim of violent unexplained paranormal assaults every day. She says she has been scratched, bitten, and taunted by a grotesque seven-foot tall ghostly man with a rotting face who physically shoved her down the stairs and pinned her down in bed. Deanna and Tom are relying on Steve and Amy to help them rid their once peaceful home of the vicious forces tearing them apart. During their separate and intense investigations, Steve researches the troubled history of a previous owner from the late 1700's who became so obsessed with protecting his land from potential trespassers, that it led to his family's financial downfall. Steve uncovers evidence of a distraught widow who died heartbroken after three of her children drowned in the property's quarry while Amy confronts one of the most powerful paranormal entities ever: a gargantuan being capable of smelling fear and physically abusing the living. In a dramatic and climactic conclusion, Steve and Amy reveal their shocking results to their clients and each other for the first time. Will Deanna and Tom be able to stop the destructive paranormal entities stalking their property and end the extraordinary abuse Deanna has endured for years?

Forever Scarred - Chicago, IL

In this powerfully emotional episode of The Dead Files, Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan investigate a Chicago home where a young mother suffers horrifying recurring nightmares. Their client, Christina, had moved out of the house when she was 18 after suffering terrifying dreams and unexplained activity. And, despite begging her father to also move out, he's still living there. And now that her own children are having nightmares, she's worried every visit to grandpa's house could be putting the family in danger. During their separate, unique investigations, Steve finds evidence that the property was once adjacent to an insane asylum where a devastating fire took the lives of some of the most unhinged inhabitants in the city. Meanwhile, Amy confronts several ominous entities, including a dead woman plotting to poison anyone who lives there. Finally, Steve and Amy unveil their gut-wrenching findings for the first time in a dramatic reveal that leads their client to tears.

The Dark One - Abilene, TX

Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan investigate disturbing reports of vicious paranormal activity at an ailing U.S. Air Force veteran's home in Abilene, TX. Their client and father of four, Sean, has braved many dangers in his life when he served multiple tours of duty for the U.S. Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, he claims no firefight compares to the horrendously debilitating paranormal activity he's experiencing inside his own home. For years, he and his courageous family have withstood the attacks, refusing to move, but recent clashes have them on the brink of collapse. Now, Sean's health is in rapid decline and fears the house will eventually destroy him. During their separate vexing investigations, Steve unearths the property's dreadful history as a bloody Native American warzone over the span of nearly a century; when the tribes were then exiled from their land, a Kentuckian named John Hunter Herndon sought to profit from the property by exploiting hundreds of slaves to grueling working conditions. Herndon would eventually lose his fortune by betting on the Confederacy. Since then, each subsequent landowner has been the victim of ghastly tragedy. During her intense nighttime walk, Amy confronts a lethal shadow creature known simply as "The Dark One" and a horde of dead she refers to as "the damned", who encircle and suck the life from the living. In the episode's stunning conclusion, Steve and Amy come together for the first time to reveal their results to their clients - and each other. Steve reveals the brutal history of violence between warring Native Americans factions and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the properties' original settlers. Amy then vividly explains her disturbing encounters in the home, and recommends Sean take extreme action before the attacks continue to ruin he and his family.

Plagued - Cressona, PA

When terrifying paranormal activity threatens a military veteran's family in Cressona, Pennsylvania, Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan step in to investigate. Their client, Randy, knows far too well what it's like being in a warzone - but he never expected to find one in his own home. Strange, terrifying activity swarms his property and Randy's wife and children have become paralyzed in fear. During their intense, separate investigations, Steve discovers evidence that the property was connected to a horrific train explosion and stood at the crossroads of a devastating plague. Meanwhile, Amy confronts numerous menacing spirits and endures the sickening symptoms of acentury old outbreak. In this episode's chilling reveal, Steve and Amy disclose their shocking findings to their clients and each other for the first time, in hopes of bringing peace to this former serviceman's home and family.

The Devil's Bidding - Williamsport, PA

Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan travel to Williamsport, Pennsylvania to investigate a home that seems to be tormented by a devil. When their client, Jodi, moved to Williamsport with her husband ten years ago, she envisioned comfort, happiness, and peace. Instead, she's suffered hostile paranormal activity. Now, Steve and Amy may be Jodi's only hope to expose whatever's wreaking havoc on her home and marriage. In their separate, dramatic investigations, Steve discovers the property was the historic site of a grisly land dispute that led to a horrendous massacre. Meanwhile, Amy encounters several frightening spirits, and confronts a ferocious devil creature that she fears has been ruining lives for generations. At this disturbing case's chilling conclusion, Steve and Amy disclose their shocking findings to their client - and each other - for the first time. Can they help Jodi and her husband find peace? Or will their demonic nightmare continue?

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