The Offering - Sedona, Arizona

Steve and Amy investigate claims of terrifying paranormal activity at a Sedona, Arizona, restaurant. During their intense investigation, Steve examines an unsolved murder case as well as the devastating fate of the local Native Americans, while Amy encounters frightening, unpredictable entities at every turn during her nighttime walk through the property.

Drawn to Evil - Medina, New York

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at an historic estate in Medina, New York. During their unnerving investigation, Steve tracks down local experts who uncover one of the most gruesome murders in the town's history, while Amy is jumped by a female entity and is overwhelmed by one of her darkest discoveries to date.

House of Mirrors and The Obsession

With terrifying new footage and exclusive interviews, Steve and Amy reopen investigations of dangerous paranormal activity at a frightened couple's home in Independence, Oregon, and a local restaurant with a dark past in Oregon, Illinois.

The Dark One and Deranged

Steve and Amy reveal new details about cases in Texas and New York.

Eternal Hatred and Intolerance

Steve and Amy reveal new details about cases in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Afflicted and Torn Apart

With new footage and never-before-seen interviews, Steve and Amy update terrifying investigations of alarming paranormal activity at the homes of a distraught mother in Covington, Louisiana, and a conflicted family in Struthers, Ohio.

The Creeper and Mad House

Retired New York City homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan reopen two of their most shocking cases, including a newlywed couple's home in Coupland, Texas and an historic movie theater in Marshall, Missouri, featuring new interviews and astonishing, never-before-seen footage. In Coupland, Texas, Sharon has unfortunately spent the honeymoon phase of her new marriage being terrorized by disturbing unexplained activity. While Steve discovers that the property was ground zero for one of the most fatal floods in Texas history, Amy encounters a mob of mummified dead and is confronted by a sociopathic entity that stalks the female residents. When the dead show no signs of ending their reign of terror, Sharon and her husband must undergo a painful exorcism by an aggressively determined demonologist. Then, in Marshall, Missouri, Kim and her father fear that their family movie theater has fallen victim to the barbaric entities within. While Steve uncovers the grisly details of a deadly love triangle involving a previous manager of the theater, Amy encounters droves of dead competing for her attention, including a male entity with the ability to take over living bodies. With Kim's father hospitalized at the hands of the dead, she must go through with the priest's blessing on her own. But when the priest begins his ritual, a threatened, dangerous entity fights back and, in a Dead Files first, is actually caught on camera. Will efforts to cleanse the property be able to continue?

Never Alone and Spellbound

Featuring shocking new footage, Steve and Amy reveal new information about investigations in Forester, Michigan and Buchanan, Virginia. We'll witness if their terrified clients, Chrystal and Tysha, were able to protect their frightened families from the dangerous paranormal activity plaguing their homes.

It Feeds - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigate a dangerous poltergeist attacking an entire family in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Steve investigates the home's dark past to discover an historic graveyard on the property as well as evidence that a Civil War veteran who suffered his fair share of tragedies and hardships lived there. Meanwhile, Amy encounters a powerfully vicious entity that torments every member of the family in a variety of disturbing ways.

Fear Lives Here - Magna, Utah

Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan investigate a dangerous poltergeist terrorizing a family in Magna, Utah. Steve digs into the town's mining history, including the dangerous working conditions and the environmental footprint left behind, while Amy encounters a dangerous manifestation formed by multiple people living inside the home.

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