The Dead Files: Spellbound Pictures

Steve and Amy head to Buchanan, VA, where a once quiet family home has been assaulted by horrifying paranormal activity over the past year.
Episode: Spellbound
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Matt records Amy's interactions with the restless spirits inside of Tysha's family home while investigating reports of paranormal activity in Buchanan, VA.

Amy walks to the vacant building on the property to see if there's anything that can explain what the clients have been experiencing on the land.

In the basement, Amy discovers the historical home's dark past.

Tysha meets with Steve to go over the horrible things that she and her family have been experiencing.

Steve and Amy investigate Tysha's basement, which has been home to a lot of strange activity.

Amy meets with a sketch artist to have the entities on the property visualized for the clients.

Steve and Tysha discuss the activity that has followed her from her old home to her new home on the property.

After gathering enough witness testimony, Steve heads to the library to dig into the history of the client's property.

Steve meets a local librarian, Nathan, who has done a vast amount of research on the client's property.

With a young infant in the home, Tysha is extremely worried about how the activity could affect her children.

Tysha and her boyfriend Troy meet with Amy and Steve to finally figure out what's been causing their family so much turmoil.

Steve and Amy take a brief moment before revealing the dark information they've uncovered about the property.

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