The Dead Files: Starvation Heights Pictures

Amy and Steve attempt to help a frightened teen who believes he's opened a gateway to evil at his home in Olalla, WA.
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Steve di Schiavi asks the forensic pathologist about the process that the victims went through.

The client listens to Steve with a concerned look on his face.

A wide shot of a snow-covered Mount Rainier in Washington State.

Steve has doubts about the story he is being told by the witness.

Carl listens to Steve during the interview in the funeral parlor.

Amy laughs about something during downtime while filming The Dead Files.

Steve examines the peace sign on the floor of the old house.

The client's father looks on during the reveal as Amy and Steve discuss their findings.

Steve processes the information that the forensic pathologist tells him.

Steve looks out the window after an interview.

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