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Steve meets with a local police chief who divulges details about a vicious police shootout, while Amy encounters several terrifying entities on her walk through her client's Florida City, FL, home.


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The haunted Don Vicente Inn is located in Ybor City, near Tampa, FL. 960 1280


Amy Allan arrives at the Don Vicente Inn to begin her paranormal investigation of the haunted hotel. 960 1280


Jack, the hotel owner, describes the apparition he encountered in the hotel’s basement, which once served as a morgue. 960 1280


Amy Allan prepares to enter a guest room at the Don Vicente Inn. 960 1280


Steve interviews Gary, a local historian, who reveals the terrifying history behind the haunted hotel. 960 1280


Amy Allan describes strange sensations during her walk through in the basement of the Don Vicente Inn. 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi looks over research at the local library. 960 1280


Steve lays out some of his investigative paperwork on a table in the local library. 960 1280


Rebecca Skelton sketches a picture of the apparition Amy saw during her walk through of at the Inn. 960 1280


Amy and Steve meet with Tessa and Jack Shiver to discuss their findings after the separate investigations. 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi researches the history of Key West, FL. 960 1280


Matt Anderson enters the house and removes any items that may influence Amy Allan’s findings before she arrives. 960 1280


Physical medium, Amy Allan, flashes back to an angry mob torturing a man. 960 1280


Collette explains to Steve that while she’s only felt the presence of another entity in her home, her boyfriend, Glen, has seen them. 960 1280


Steve meets with a Key West historian, who helps unravel the bizarre mystery behind the house on Whitehead Street. 960 1280


Amy Allan witnesses a violent conflict that happened in the backyard of a Key West home decades ago. 960 1280


Amy uses psychometry to tap into the residual energy of the house. 960 1280


Steve searches a Key West cemetery for the grave of a murder victim. 960 1280


Immediately upon entering the house, Amy is struck by a series of deaths associated with the location. 960 1280


Steve listens to Amy describe her encounters with the dead still inhabiting the Colette’s home. 960 1280


Steve reveals his investigative findings to homeowner Colette Wik. 960 1280


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