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Steve and Amy examine frightening paranormal activity at a family home in Westminster, CO.
Episode: Tormented
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Steve and Amy examine frightening paranormal activity at a family home in Westminster, CO. While Steve uncovers evidence of a century-old murder mystery, Amy encounters a deadly poltergeist that seeks to harm anyone in the house.

Amy looks up at the ceiling in this Colorado home while Matt films the experience.

Kymber explains to Steve that she has seen frightening things in the only house she has ever known.

Noah experiences the most interaction with the entities, because his bedroom seems to be the most active part of the house.

Steve learns a significant amount of new information about the client's property that was once part of a large farm.

Amy explains what she is experiencing during her walk through the house.

Steve and Cara discuss the strange encounters that have happened in the house.

George fires an antique rifle and explains how he feels about the mysterious death that occurred in the house.

Amy shoots a concerned glance across a dark room during her walk.

Steve interviews one of Cara's neighbors about the activity that surrounds the house.

Steve concentrates on the case while doing research in the College Hill Library.

Cara listens to Steve explain the details of his findings during the reveal.

Steve and Amy enlighten the client about her situation and share Amy’s opinion on how the client can keep her family safe.

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