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Steve and Amy investigate a home in Pittsburgh where a terrified family is being tormented by a dangerous entity.
Episode: The Instigator
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Meeting With a Local Archivist

Before interviewing his clients, Steve gets some interesting details from a local archivist about the previous owners of the property in Pittsburgh.

A Local Genealogist

A local genealogist reveals to Steve a very interesting history about his clients' Pittsburgh property.

Learning About Previous Owners

Steve learns about a con man who influenced the previous owner of his clients' property.

Talking to the Grandson

Steve asks his client’s grandson about the frightening activity he's experienced in his grandmother's house.

Sitting With the Sketch Artist

Amy sits with a local sketch artist to help bring to life the most significant entities she met on her walk.

At the Local Library

Steve scours old records at a local library to find any pertinent history about his clients’ property.

Awaiting the Reveal

Lisa and her daughter Tamiera sit with Amy and Steve to learn the results of the investigation.

Sharing The Results

Amy and Steve get together for the first time to share their findings.

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