The White Widow Photos

Take a look a a few photos from chilling "The White Widow" episode of The Dead Files.

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Matt Anderson prepares for Amy Allan's walk by removing any photographs or artwork that might provide revealing information to Amy. 960 1280


Laura shows Steve Di Schiavi where she watched a black-smoky figure snake its way up, across the wall and over her bed. 960 1280


Laura's experiences as a child are finally validated when Amy discloses her findings in the final reveal. 960 1280


Amy connects with something or someone while doing her walk-through on The Dead Files episode, 'The White Widow.' 960 1280


Retired NYPD Homicide Detective Steve Di Schiavi looks over research and interviews locals at a library in Great Falls, MT. 960 1280


Steve searches for clues in the local library. 960 1280


Matt Anderson films physical medium Amy Allan, as she walks through a haunted restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ. 960 1280


Amy listens to what Steve found out after his investigation and interview with an imprisoned murderer. 960 1280


Amy Allan communicates with another former resident of the old farmhouse -- another dead resident who wants her out. 960 1280


Amy and Steve listen in on The Dead Files

Amy and Steve listen in on The Dead Files

Owner of the haunted farmhouse, Elvis Restaino, attempts to explain his dangerous actions to Steve and Amy. 960 1280


Salem shows Steve Di Schiavi where she watched the apparition of an old woman sit on her bed. 960 1280


Steve Di Schiavi visits the Napier home to examine a room filled with dolls, on The Dead Files episode, 'Death and Dolls.' 960 1280


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