Stuff Your Face

#5- 72-OZ STEAK! THE BIG TEXAN STEAK RANCH, AMARILLO, TX Stuff your face with a FREE 72-oz. steak! That is if you can finish this 4½-pound monster of beef. Since the Big Texan Steak Ranch opened in 1960 over 50,000 people have attempted to eat the specially cut top sirloin steak which also comes with a baked potato, salad, dinner roll and shrimp cocktail. Only 8,000 people have been able to clean their plate! One person who did succeed is Joey Chestnut. He finished the challenge in 8 minutes and 52 seconds! Not to be outdone, the unofficial record is held by a 500-pound Siberian Tiger, who ate the steak in 90 seconds! It's definitely worth a try, the steak is delicious! #4- THE BEST BUFFET IN VEGAS! , LAS VEGAS, NV The Carnival World Buffet is the size of a football field (300 ft) and recognized as the best buffet in Vegas. The huge table offers more than 300 dishes and features culinary delights such as homemade Italian pastas and a spicy Mexican taco station! They use 7,690 eggs, make 1,000 pizza's, cook 750 pounds of bacon, and serve 40 gallons of ice cream a day and also features chefs cooking right before your eyes! #3- FOOT HIGH MEAT EATER SANDWICH! , CARNEGIE DELI, NY Each sandwich is overstuffed with at least one pound of meat and comes with their homemade giant pickles and a cup of coleslaw! The world famous Carnegie Deli is a true New York City landmark known for its foot high pastrami, corned beef and brisket sandwiches. Get there early because you will stand in line for at least an hour. But it's well worth the wait! #2- THE BIGGEST CHOCOLATE BAR ON THE EAST COAST! , CAFÉ FLEURI, BOSTON, MA Over 125 desserts, including an anything you want, made-to-order crêpe station, a three-tier fondue fountain, the legendary Langham Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Truffles, Cotton Candy, Whoopie Pies, and more! Chosen as one of the Top All-You-Can-Eat Buffets by Travel + Leisure this place is everything your sweet tooth is looking for! #1- WORLD'S LARGEST PIZZA! , BIG MAMA & PAPA'S PIZZERIA, BURBANK, CA 3000 square inches of pizza, which breaks down to 60 slices and costs $199.99! Each one consists of 22lbs dough, 5lbs of sauce, 15lbs of mozzarella, and requires 3 chefs to stretch out the dough. You can get extra toppings such as pepperoni but each topping is $14.99 and for extra cheese tack on another $29.99! Believe it or not they actually deliver but a 24-hour notice is required to order "

Killer Coasters

Hold on tight for heart-pounding rides on the world's top rollercoasters. A reawakened Texas giant, 150 mph Formula Rossa, the world's fastest coaster, a 1.5 mile Japanese steel dragon & a Brooklyn legend that will show no mercy.

Fast and Furious

#5-RICHARD PETTY DRIVING EXPERIENCE, LAS VEGAS, NV At the Las Vegas motor speedway you can drive a real 600HP NASCAR racecar! The day starts in the pit with the crew where they teach you the mechanics of racing machine. Then an expert driver coaches you how to race like a champion! By the end of the day you'll be ready to get on the track and drive 155 MPH. Start your engine and release your inner redneck! #4-BOBSLED, PARKCITY, UT Experience the ride of a lifetime in a sleek bobsled on one of the most challenging tracks in the world! Hold your breath as a pilot takes you and two brave buddies on an Olympic track thrill ride through the Wasatch Mountains. In less than a mile, you'll rip through 15 turns, reach speeds of 80 mph, and experience up to 5 G's of force! Betcha this satisfies your need for speed. #3-KITE SURFING, KAILUA BAY, HI Hop on a 3-foot board and ride the surf at 50 miles an hour. When the right wave hits, you might fly 60 feet in the air! Not for the faint of heart as the wind gusts can actually pick a person up and slam them into the water. Bottom line, if you're looking for an extreme thrill, Kailua Bay is the spot for kite surfing! #2-THE BLACK DIAMOND RUN, OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN, LAKE PLACID, NY This black diamond ski trail is the highest run in Northeast, with a 3,430 foot vertical drop! Adrenaline-pumping, between-the-trees skiing, this daring 2.1 mile run will be sure to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. If you're not ready for the black diamond beast then you're better off on the bunny slope than this is a deadly run! #1-FIGHTER PILOT FOR A DAY, FULLERTON, CA Channel your favorite Top Gun pilot when you slip into the cockpit of a Marchetti SF260, Italian-built fighter aircraft! Scan the skies in a real military aircraft in search of an enemy plane. Up, down, and around, until you catch your enemy in your scope and pull the trigger! Witness as he erupts in smoke and you roll up and away, victorious! The tracking system that verifies an air-to-air "kill" is equipped with onboard cameras to ensure that the entire experience is recorded on digital videocassette for playback. "Everything is real... except the bullets!"

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