Toy Hunters

Jordan Hembrough travels to Cincinnati and Miami in search of rare vintage items to sell at the NY Comic Con. During his travels, he strategically maneuvers around reluctant sellers, an abating budget, and unforeseen road blocks. He goes into each hunt with an overwhelming feeling of optimism, but quickly understands that this hunt is not going to be easy. He catches a break after getting a tip from one of his toy scouts and things start to turn around. Although he has exhausted all resources at this point, he is able to gain the trust of the owner and gets the item for Comic Con. He is on a high and things are looking up until he actually reaches Comic Con and finds that his hit ticket item isn't attracting the attention he anticipated. Finally, at the final hour, he is able to attract a serious collector that is trying to complete his Star Wars collection. He just needs one last piece to complete his collection. And Jordan has that piece!

Chewy Mexico Toys

Jordan heads over the border on the hunt for high-priced Mexican versions of American toys. He's looking to stock his inventory and also to pick up toys for “Chelsea Lately's” Chuy Bravo.

Live and Let Play

Jordan discovers a 1965 James Bond attache case that he's been trying to get his hands on for over a year. This "holy grail" piece is so rare that it can sell upwards of $3,500 in pristine condition, however there's a slight catch to Jordan's big find.

90s Flashbacks

Jordan is gearing up for Portland Comic Con!

Toys, Toys, Baby

Jordan looks to track down toys for Vanilla Ice.

Superhero Sanctuary

Jordan is on the hunt for superhero memorabilia to display at the Hall of Heroes museum.

Toy Touchdown

Jordan hunts for toys for NFL star, Israel Idonije.

The Duke of Toys

Jordan sets up at his first international Comic Con in Birmingham, England.

Taboo Toys

Jordan is on a toy hunt for Grammy winner, Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas.

Money Masters

A major toy company sends Jordan on a mission.

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