Toy Hunter: 80's Flashbax Pictures

From rare Star Wars memorabilia and Pee Wee Herman play sets to Karate Kid games, Jordan scores big while traveling through Missouri.
Episode: 80's Flashbax
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"Don't mess with the Salt Vampire... she'll suck the life out of you man!" - Jordan

"Looking at a vintage Lego set in all its MIB glory! These toys are going for big bucks now on the market." - Jordan

"I think I need a smaller helmet ... LOL" - Jordan

"Look at this photo and tell me it doesn't scream 1980's!! I actually owned a phone just like that!"

"Doing my best "hero pose" in front of the St. Louis Arch."

"A very cool vintage Roller Racer. I had to contain myself not to open this one... and ride it!"

"Whats this?! Could it be?! A vintage Wonder Bread He-Man peeks out from beneath hiding."

"Eric and I solidify a deal for the rare King Ding!"

"Horsing around on set. (Get it? See what I did there?)"

"Steve negotiates a tough Star Wars sale."

"Digging. It's what I do best!"

"Julia stands ready in our warehouse. The 'dazed' look on her face comes from unpacking boxes for five straight hours."

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