Toy Hunter: Comic Con NYC Pictures

Jordan head to heads to the nation's capital before taking on the biggest event of the year -- New York Comic Con!
Episode: Comic Con NYC
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"I dig through a giant bin of loose figures at Willis' house. Confusing? Yes … Fun? Definitely!"

"Uncovering a rare GI Joe space capsule hidden deep in the basement of Paula's house."

"I dig deep into a bin filled with an assortment of GI Joe toys in Paula's basement."

"Little do people know, I used to work as a Hibachi chef. Here, I demonstrate my keen knife skills. Which do you prefer, chicken or shrimp?

"Cindy and I complete one of many fun deals on my trip to Maryland."

"Willis' takes me through his collection, shelf by shelf. An awesome array of toys hidden away in his old bedroom."

"One of many filled bins in Paula's basement in Maryland."

"I take time to play at Cindy's house. ALWAYS, take time to play … no matter how long your day lasts."

"Cindy and I discuss the finer points of action figure collecting … before the negotiations begin!"

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