Toy Hunter: Nerd of Mouth Pictures

Jordan and Steve hit the road in search of the perfect toy to impress comedian and comic book fanatic, Mike Lawrence.
Episode: Nerd of Mouth
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"I play with one of my favorite toys growing up -- the vintage Fisher Price Little People Castle!" - Jordan

"The good King stands by his drawbridge, as I peek in the back of the Castle." - Jordan

"The Thundercats Mutant Nose Diver. Not sure if this will be a good choice for Mike... we will see!" - Jordan

"Bidding gets hot and heavy at the Sellersville auction."

"The one and only ... Hulk Rage Cage!"

"Steve and I open the Hulk box to make sure its complete. Can't sell one missing parts!"

"SPINZJAS!  If you didn't have them as a kid, you definitely lost out. These are spinning tops that do battle inside an arena."

"I check out a vintage Coleco Tabletop Pac-Man game."

"Steve looks over a very cool Star Trek Transporter from Playmates."

"The entire crew (and then some) of the STTNG Enterprise!"

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