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Winery Tours by Bike

Hop on a bike as travel journalist and cyclist Ryan Van Duzer peddles along the Pacific Coast, and the back roads of Sonoma and Napa Valley, to visit local wineries to taste various wines, sample food and meet friendly people along his way. You may recognize Ryan from Travel Channel’s America’s Scariest Haunted Houses, but this avid cyclist has also biked thousands of miles to explore the world, including a bike trip from Vancouver to Cabo.

Check out Ryan's bio and follow his Bike Tour of California Wineries.

Girls Gone Bayou

Follow the quirky adventures of gal pals Lindsey, Lori and Kila as they set out to prove to the good ol' boys of Louisiana that beauty and the bayou make the best bedfellows.

Meet the cast, see their best moments in our photo slideshow, and follow their adventures in this exclusive web series!

The Wild Side With Kinga Philipps

Travel journalist and adventurer Kinga Philipps hosts The Wild Side. In this TravelChannel.com web series, Kinga goes the extra mile to explore US national parks through fun activities beyond each park’s carefully marked trails. Go jet skiing, sailing, kite surfing and more. Experience the great outdoors through an adrenaline junkie’s perspective.

Find out more about Kinga and watch her heart-pounding exploration of the US Virgin Islands National Park.

Travel 911

Rob Pralgo is the host of Travel 911. This original TravelChannel.com web series gives travelers the 4-1-1 on what they need to know to get through travel emergencies, including hazardous road conditions, hurricanes, shark attacks, lost luggage and bed bugs. Rob is a familiar face on TravelChannel.com. He was the gadget guru in Travel Channel's Gear Guide web series.

Find out more about Rob and watch his web series, Travel 911.    

Marianela’s Best Beaches

Marianela Pereyra visits California and Florida beaches to give you the inside scoop on what's really hot on each beach, including the best places to take your dog, appreciate the weird or simply relax and unwind.

Find out more about Marianela and explore Marianela's Top 10 California Beaches.

BigCat Trucker

There’s only one way travel ... big! Take a road trip with BigCat Trucker. This cross-country trucker meets interesting people along the way and visits unique roadside attractions while traveling through small-town America. Nothing is off limits, either. So go big or go home! Travel BigCat-style, and take a different approach to experiencing America’s open roads.

Find out more about BigCat Trucker and hit the road with BigCat to see his favorite roadside attractions.

The Lost Girls

Before you pack your bags for your next trip, get the latest scoop on the best girlfriend getaways from The Lost Girls: Amanda Pressner, Jennifer Baggett and Holly Corbett. These inspiring women provide unique tips and advice through first-hand travel experiences.

Find out more about the Lost Girls and explore the Lost Girls’ world through their original video web series.

Mommy Points Family Travel Deals

Ever thought the world of miles and points was too complicated to navigate? Not anymore, thanks to travel deals expert Summer Hull, aka Mommy Points. This travel-loving mom is on a mission: To help travelers make the accrual of miles and points a simple part of their daily lives. Through practical, time-efficient tips, Summer shows travelers like you the easy steps you can take to get big travel discounts for your next trip -- and even earn miles and points while you’re on vacation! 

Find out more about Summer Hull (Mommy Points) and check out her original web series, Family Travel Deals.
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