Utah: Strap In, Slot Out

Go big or go home! Bert takes a lucky couple on an extreme outdoor adventure in Utah.

South Africa: Kicking & Screaming

Bert takes 2 international travel virgins to South Africa for an ultimate outdoor adventure.

Alabama: The Road to Talladega

Bert and the adventurers trek to a NASCAR Sprint Cup race to ride in the pace car, meet the drivers and stand in the winner's circle.

Vietnam: Jamming, Junks & the Jungle

Bert and the adventurers sail the waters of Halong Bay, get their ears cleaned on the streets of Hanoi, hike through the jungle, and sleep in a 3-million-year-old cave.

North Carolina: From the Heat into the Frying Pan

Bert finds an adventurous spirit and a recovering couch potato to take to North Carolina.

Tanzania: Lions, Tigers & Bert

Bert finds a couple in Arizona to take on a Tanzanian adventure. They drink goat's blood with the Maasai people and go on a safari to see big game.

Japan: Bullets, Boats & Black Belts

Bert takes 1 lucky couple from Minneapolis on the adventure of a lifetime to Japan, where they ride go-karts in the street, eat fresh squid and more.

Wisconsin: Water Water Everywhere

Bert takes a couple from Arizona to Wisconsin where they sail the open seas and visit the nation’s largest water park.

Michigan: Pasties, Puppies & the Plunge

From dogsledding to plunging into a freezing cold lake wearing practically nothing, the fun never stops.

New Orleans: Breakneck Speeds, Boils & Beads

Get ready to shake your tail feather at Mardi Gras in New Orleans!