Trip Flip: 100 Vacations in One Pictures

From The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to deep-sea snorkeling in search of manatees, this Florida adventure is full of exciting surprises around every corner.

Host Bert Kreischer meets the Gross Family in Pittsburgh and surprises them with the ultimate family adventure to Florida.

The Gross family hops aboard the Royal Conquest Pirate Ship and hits the high seas off the coast of Tampa Bay in Florida.

Bert shows the Gross Family the next stop on their treasure map.

Two giant inflatable slides, zorb balls and motorized surfboards await Bert and our travelers at New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

Phoebe Gross high-fives a Transformer while at Universal Studios Florida.

Too short to ride, but Phoebe and Lyla Gross along with Bert pretend what it would be like to ride the Incredible Hulk roller coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

After leaving the kids with Bert, Corri, AJ and Tim ride the Incredible Hulk roller coaster.

The Gross family poses with the Simpson family while inside Springfield USA at Universal Studios.

Bert is impressed by the strength of Lyla as she hits a high striker inside Springfield USA.

AJ takes a bite out of an unusually large doughnut inside Springfield USA.

Corri jumps from a rope swing at The Plantation on Crystal River.

Tim goes snorkeling with manatees at The Plantation on Crystal River.

Lyla rides the Caro-Seuss-El at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

The Gross family takes in Hogwarts Castle from Hogsmeade Village inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Bert casts a spell towards the camera while standing in the streets of Hogsmeade Village.

Bert smiles for the camera while hanging out with some "Despicable Me" minions at Universal Studios Florida.

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