Trip Flip: 90 mph Zips and Rapids Pictures

Bert takes 1 lucky Idaho-based couple on an amazing tropical adventure to Costa Rica. From zip lines to white water rafting, this is sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.

Kimi Roth and Gabe Linehan prepare for their first adventure near Uvita, Costa Rica: a Superman-style zip line that travels more than a mile at over 90 miles per hour.

Gabe flies through the air on one of the longest cable zip lines in the world located near Uvita, Costa Rica. Gabe flies through the air on one of the longest cable zip lines in the world located near Uvita, Costa Rica.

Bert, Kimi and Gabe smile for the camera as they prepare for their next adventure: white water rafting in class IV waters on the Naranjo River, near Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.

Led by an experienced rafting guide, Bert, Gabe and Kimi take to the class IV rapids of the Naranjo River.

After capsizing, Bert decides to leave the raft behind and head down the Narranjo River solo.

Kimi and Gabe listen to Bert as he plays the guitar on Playa Manzanillo beach on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Playa Manzanillo, which is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, is just one of Costa Rica's many beautiful beaches.

Host Bert Kreischer, Gabe, Kimi and other concertgoers walk to Envision, a Burning Man-style music and dance festival in Costa Rica.

Kimi catches a barracuda while fishing near the town of Tarcoles, Costa Rica.

Gabe, Kimi, Bert and Travelocity's Roaming Gnome enjoy a horseback ride along the Playa Manzanillo.

Kimi and Gabe make a mad dash for the sand after coming across a shark in the water … oh wait, it was just Bert!

Gabe and Kimi leap in the air while playing on the Playa Manzanillo.

Pulling out all the stops for their final Costa Rica adventure, Bert and his travelers, Gabe and Kimi, head to the gyrocopters.

Bert flies down the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica in his own personal gyrocopter.

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