Trip Flip: Nashville Pictures

Two lucky vacationers prepare for a country-infused trip to Nashville with host Bert Kreischer. While there, their adventure includes mud bogging, catfish grabbling and a trip to the 2012 CMA awards.
Episode: Nashville

Bert, Jessie and Isaac with Suzanne Alexander outside of Bridgestone Arena where the 2012 CMA awards take place.

The vacationers suiting up to make cupcakes for the Eli Young Band.

Isaac holds onto the fish he caught while catfish grabbling, the age-old art of fishing with your hands.

The vacationers wave from car during a country music parade in downtown Nashville.

Both Isaac and Jessie are soaked after partaking in globe riding in the Smoky Mountains. Globe riding entails a giant, inflatable 12-foot globe that goes rolling down a specially-designed course.

Bert and the vacationers hop on a boat and ride through the lake before going catfish grabbling.

Isaac and Jessie pose with a couple of the presenters for the 2012 CMA awards.

The vacationers mix the ingredients into a bowl while preparing to make cupcakes for the Eli Young Band.

Jessie makes her way out of the orb after globe riding in the Smoky Mountains.

Isaac covered in mud after doing some mud bogging in Waverly, TN. Mud bugging is the art of racing monster trucks through massive mud pits.

Isaac holds one of the catfish that he caught while Bert looks on laughing.

Bert, Jessie and Isaac discuss their "globe ride" while soaking wet at the bottom of the hill.

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