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What location or revelation surprised you the most? 

Every single location surprised me, because we purposefully chose a lot of places we didn’t know much about. But the biggest surprise was perhaps the French people. I’ve been to France dozens of times and never liked the French much. This time, they surprised me. 

What drew you to this show format? 

The freedom to go places I’ve always wanted to go without too much of a plan. A lot of TV is scrupulously planned in advance. But on this show, we were given the freedom — actually, we were ordered — to go places without too much of a plan, to let the people and the places take us on a journey. 

Which was your favorite shoot? Why? 

I can’t say which shoot was my favorite because every single one had moments of wonder and madness. But if I have to single out a couple of places, I’d say Albania and Dominica. They’re not on any traditional tourist trail, and they are both completely magical. Nodding in Albania means “no.” And that’s just the start. 

Why should viewers watch Watt's World

Because it’s vicarious travel. I think it’s funny, informative and full of wonder and surprise. And it’s all those things because that’s what we were feeling as we were traveling around the world. 

Are there any outrageous stories that didn’t make the final cut? 

We didn’t keep many secrets. Even Adam the cameraman’s bout of diarrhea in Albania is mentioned in the show. Although I never mentioned it, for our entire trip through France, Italy and Albania (and for the next 2 months), I had no feeling in half of my right arm. You see, one of the skills I’ve developed over years of travel is the ability to sleep very well on planes. Flying from LA to Paris, I slept so hard in an uncomfortable seat that I damaged a nerve in my arm. I only discovered it when I got home and my wife made me go to the doctor. On the trip, no one took it seriously. Every night at dinner, the guys would shout, “Stick a fork in your hand! See if you can feel it.” Every night, I stuck a fork repeatedly into my hand. And I never felt it. 

The show is called Watt’s World, but I’m not really sure that’s fair. I traveled with an unusually small crew. That was the plan: lean, mean and mobile. And the show is as much about their journey as mine. I’m just the goon who does the talking. And I suppose we had to call it Watt’s World because Nick, Spencer, Adam, Sam and Sarah’s World is a bit of a mouthful.

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