New Travel Channel Hosts

Curious about the new faces on your TV? Meet the new hosts on Travel Channel! These travelers explore the world in their own individual ways. From finding the best take-out and hunting down vintage toys to discovering the best coffee beans and searching for unique burgers, these road warriors are on a mission to share their travels with you.

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1. Daymon Patterson

Host of Best Daym Take-Out, Daym Patterson
Daymon Patterson is not your typical food critic. At 6'5" and 390 pounds, he's a lot of man with a lot of love -- for food and comedy! A certified internet star with tens of millions of views on his "Daym Drops" YouTube channel, this instantly-relatable food lover delivers bite-size commentary with larger-than-life personality on every kind of take-out food imaginable -- not from a table or a bar, but from the place we love eating it best: the driver's seat!

Read all about Daym's new show on Travel Channel, Best Daym Take-Out, and check out these sneak peek photos of the new series premiering this summer!

2. Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is a self-proclaimed "drealist" -- a dreamer and a realist -- and the ultimate RV adventurer. As a multi-platinum global superstar, Michaels lives and breathes life on the road; his entire personal and professional life has been spent traveling in RVs, logging over 3 million miles. First rising to fame as the frontman of Poison, one of rock's most iconic and enduring bands of the '80s, Michaels has turned his passion for music into a multifaceted, multimillion enterprise brand that encompasses record-breaking touring sales, reality TV stardom, legendary songs, product endorsements and philanthropic work -- all supported and followed by 3 generations of loyal fans.

Check out Bret's new show on Travel Channel, Rock My RV, and read his full bio.

3. George Motz

George Motz is an author, a burger expert and an Emmy award-winning freelance filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. Over the past 23 years he has worked on numerous television commercials, feature films, music videos, promos and documentaries. George is also the director of the Food Film Festival, which is held annually in NYC, Chicago and Charleston. It is a multi-sensory film festival where the audience is treated to the food they see on the screen.

Read George's full bio, check out behind-the-scenes photos from Burger Land and watch exclusive video of George's burger road trips.

4. Todd Carmichael

When coffee magnate and adventurer Todd Carmichael enters a room, people take notice. This is partially due to his 6-foot-3-inch frame, but mostly because he has the presence of someone who lives his life to the fullest. Carmichael is a successful entrepreneur, world-record holder, philanthropist and most importantly, adoptive father of 4.

With his coffee company, La Colombe Torrefaction, along with its chain of boutique cafes, Carmichael and his business partner provide coffee for some of the best restaurants in the country. Carmichael's company follows one simple rule: taste always trumps novelty. As La Colombe's main sourcer, he's challenged with finding the best coffee in the world, wherever it grows. That means regular trips to some of the most perilous places on Earth -- Haiti, Bolivia and Borneo to name a few. It's all just another day at the office for Carmichael, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Read Todd's full bio, and watch a typical day in his life. Check out behind-the-scenes photos from Dangerous Grounds, and watch exclusive video of Todd's expeditions.

5. Jordan Hembrough

Welcome to Toy Land
A self-professed comic-book geek and film buff, Jordan was bitten by the collecting bug at an early age, as he adorned his bedroom with action figures and Star Wars toys. He quickly learned that he could make more money selling toys to his school peers than he could on any paper route. At age 16, Jordan began buying and selling toys professionally and never looked back.

The New Jersey native spent 7 years as a buyer for an international chain of comic book/Sci-Fi themed retail stores, specializing in the procurement and allocation of collectible toys. In 1998, he founded Hollywood Heroes where he both sells collectible toys and film props to the collectible market and offers consulting services to toy and entertainment companies.

Read Jordan's full bio, and watch a typical day in his life. Check out behind-the-scenes photos from Toy Hunter, and watch exclusive video of Jordan's hunts.

6. Kevin Michael Connolly

Kevin Michael Connolly was born without legs. An otherwise-healthy baby, he grew up like any other kid -- getting dirty and playing in the woods. In 2005, Kevin began skateboarding and taking photographs. His first taste of living abroad came in 2006 when he studied in New Zealand for a year. While on the return home, Kevin was skating down a back street in Vienna and took his first prototype photo for what was to become The Rolling Exhibition -- an art exhibit of over 33,000 photos.

At the age of 23, Kevin began work on his memoir, Double Take, which chronicles his early life, as well as his journey working on The Rolling Exhibition. The book garnered rave reviews from People Magazine, Outside Magazine and the TODAY Show. Kevin spends his free time skiing, hiking and longboarding, and his explorations have netted him a broken jaw, a couple dozen stitches and 2 X-Games medals.

Read Kevin's full bio, and watch a typical day in his life. See behind-the-scenes photos from Armed & Ready, and watch exclusive video of Kevin's adventures.

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