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  • Episode Six
    A couple's visit to the zoo becomes an eyewitness account of horror when a disturbed woman dives into the polar bear habitat. A cliff jump into a water hole ends in disaster and a charging buck rams straight into a cyclist -- horns to head.
    Saturday January 24
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Seven
    A massive wave capsizes a sailboat trapping a young family onboard but when rescuers show up another wave hits, now both boats are in deep trouble.
    Friday January 30
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Nine
    A mom's worst nightmare comes true when her van flips and explodes on the way home from a fair, leaving her baby stuck in a burning car.
    Saturday January 31
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Twenty
    A vacation of a lifetime for 2 childhood friends who dreamed of running with the bulls in Pamplona, turns tragic when one of them slips and gets gored. The bull's horn spears his hip and sends him flying.
    Friday February 6
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Fourteen
    A teenagers' jump for joy at a summer swimming hole erupts into cries for help when he slips and crashes onto the rocks twenty feet down. And locusts swarm a family on vacation turning the summer sky black.
    Saturday February 7
    7pm | 6c
  • When Vacations Attack
    A skier is caught in an avalanche, and his friends can only watch helplessly as he is buried alive. A trapped kayaker is wedged underwater, and a mother-daughter trip to Thailand turns to terror in when their hotel becomes a raging inferno.
    Friday February 13
    7pm | 6c
  • When Vacations Attack
    A woman's skydiving trip ends horribly when a cameraman who had been filming her dive, crashes while attempting to land. A man's hand is trapped in the jaws of a shark and a vacation visit to a racetrack ends in calamity.
    Saturday February 14
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Eight
    A gator show goes horribly wrong when an alligator gets ahold of the head of the gator wrestler. A rock climber plummets 25 feet and a day at the zoo becomes an uncertain nightmare.
    Friday February 20
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Sixteen
    A man rolls his jeep down a mountain as his wife catches it on tape. And vacationers run for cover as a homemade chopper crashes and explodes into tiny pieces. Gas is leaking and the pilot and his wife are trapped inside.
    Saturday February 21
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Twentyone
    A 4th of July celebration turns tragic when an escape artist, performing for hundreds of vacationers, erupts into a fireball. Then a Honduras vacation turns to terror when a monkey goes mad and sinks his teeth into a teenaged boy.
    Friday February 27
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Ten
    A day of sun and fun at the beach turns into sheer panic when a harrier jet falls out of the sky and crashes into the ocean. A cliff diving trip goes horribly wrong when a man leaps before he looks.
    Saturday February 28
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Nineteen
    Honeymoon Horror! A new bride watches as her groom takes a 180-foot jump on a motorcycle and comes crashing down. His body is a twisted heap, and her heart is broken, Tourists rush to the rescue as a seasoned helicopter pilot slams to earth.
    Friday March 6
    7pm | 6c
  • Episode Eleven
    A family on a circus getaway becomes witnesses to horror when a highflying motorcycle stunt ends disastrously. A 70-year-old tourist at Yellowstone is cornered by a rampaging bison. And a baseball game is interrupted when a plane crash lands in left field.
    Saturday March 7
    7pm | 6c

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