Guatemalan Beaded Lizard

Dom travels to Guatemala seeking out one of the most endangered and venomous reptiles on the planet - the Guatemalan beaded lizard.

Giant Centipede

Dom journeys into the wilds of Venezuela in search of a remote cave rumored to house the world's largest centipede.

White Goliath Beetle

Dom attempts to locate one of the rarest animals on the planet - the giant white goliath beetle.

Black Hairy Thick Tail Scorpion

Dom braves the remote wilderness of Namibia, Africa to find the world's most deadly scorpion.

Giant Malaysian Honey Bees

Dom faces his greatest fear when he must get up close and personal with hundreds of thousands of giant Malaysian honey bees.

Giant Huntsman Spider

Dom journeys to Laos in search of a remote underground river that is home to a venomous, massive-fanged creature.

Indonesia Orangutan

Dominic Monaghan travels the islands of Indonesia to encounter the endangered Sumatran orangutan.

Belize's Fer-de-Lance

Dominic Monaghan is on a mission to find Latin America's most deadly snake.

South Africa's White Lions

Dominic Monaghan searches for the world's rarest big cat in South Africa.

Sri Lanka's Cunning Cobra

Dominic Monaghan explores the snakebite capital of the world, Sri Lanka.

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