Xtreme Waterparks: Blowing Up the World's Longest in NJ

"Xtreme Waterparks" gets exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the arrival of the world's longest water slide in America! Slide owner Jimi Hunt takes his insane 2,000-foot-long slide from a New Zealand sheep farm to a treacherous American ski slope located right in New Jersey's famed Action Park. Sprawling at nearly half a mile, this monster slide is the first of its kind and this is the first attempt to build it on a ski slope. To ensure no riders go flying off into the open hillside, Hunt and Action Park owners and engineers work around the clock to carefully assemble all twenty 100-foot sections in time for the first human test day - which is also an epic press day with a live national broadcast and a visit from Guinness World Records. The pressure mounts when an unexpected glitch in the slide is discovered and the team must work through the night to fix it. Will the world's longest waterslide be able to conquer New Jersey?

Getting Wet in New Jersey

We're at New Jersey's notorious Action Park on the world's tallest double looping slide! Piranhas await you at Brazil's infamous Natural Insano. Prepare for Argentina's twin-racing slide and Hawaii's big-air backyard slide!

Slip and Fly

Riders take flight on Slip N Fly just off the beaches of Thailand, while thrill seekers experience manmade Class 4 rapids within Oklahoma City's limits. And a 56-foot drop slide has Norse warriors trembling in fear in Denmark.

Shock and Awesome

Speed is the name of the game on Velocity Peak in Athol, Idaho, while Blackbeard gets his revenge aboard Carowinds newest attraction. And things get down and dirty in Cork, Ireland, at the West Cork Secret mud slide.

Twist and Launch

In Italy, people tweet, post and like every video of Aqualandia's newest attraction. Back stateside in Myrtle Beach, Turbo Twisters' pitch-black tubes keep riders guessing while surfing buddies check out the world's largest surf lagoon in Wales.

Texas Typhoon

Ride through the belly of Aquaconda in Dubai before Typhoon Texas makes landfall in Katy, Texas. Then take in the views at the Citta del Mare Hotel as their toboggan to the sea drops you straight into the Mediterranean.

First-Time Flyers

Let loose at the world's first grownups-only water park in Mallorca, Spain, then head across the pond to Waco, Texas, to ride BSR Cable Park's newest addition before catching some G's spinning though Beech Bend's Cyclone Saucers.

Rock Slide Ahead

In the Netherlands, a US rock band takes a break from their tour for water park fun before a group of gym rats head outdoors to Mother Nature's waterslide in Asheville, North Carolina. Meanwhile the Kaleid-o-Slide brings a splash of color in Athens, Greece.

Getting Wet in New Zealand

We're going to New Zealand! Get ready to slip and slam down Mother Nature's Rere Rock. Then, plunge down the world's tallest trap-door slide in Kentucky. Next, we're off to Georgia's gravity-defying combination bowl & half-pipe.

America's Biggest Wave Pool

Splash in the nation's biggest wave pool in a town where water slides outnumber people! Get swept up in the world's very first water sphere in Turkey. Then, brace yourself for high drops and weightless verticals in Williamsburg!

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