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Grand Castles of America

ARTICLE | Travel Channel has rediscovered the beauty of castles, from the ...

Neuschwanstein Castle

Daily Escape | Schwangau, Germany

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The Real Frankenstein

VIDEO | Learn the story of the scientist who was rumored to experiment ...

Neuschwanstein Castle

Daily Escape | Schwangau, Germany

Obrien's Tower

Daily Escape | County Clare, Ireland

Aaron's Vlog: Castle Grounds

VIDEO | Aaron gets an impressive bird's-eye-view of the Transylvania ...

Oheka Castle

Daily Escape | Huntington, New York

Evil Among Us

VIDEO | A Satanic ritual may have awakened something sinister in ...

Costa Careyes Resort

Daily Escape | Jalisco, Mexico

Best Castles in Ireland

ARTICLE | These 5 Irish castles will sate your curiosity for all things ...

Ghosts of Seasons Past #6

VIDEO | The Ghost Adventures crew wrestles with demons at Preston Castle.

Explore Edinburgh

PHOTOS | Take a tour of the sights in Edinburgh, including the Forth ...

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