America Declassified

John Wayne Cancer, Jamestown

Did members of the cast and crew from John Wayne's 1956 film, The Conqueror, contract some form of cancer after exposure to nuclear fallout while filming? Pensmore Mansion is supposed to withstand earthquakes, explosions and tornado-force winds, but could it also hide a network of tunnels built for exclusive use by the Illuminati? The startling discovery of a young girl's skull, unearthed at the historic site of Jamestown, points to evidence that America’s first settlers could have been cannibals.

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Jamestown, Pensmore Pictures

America Declassified delves into the story of Jamestown and ...

Toxic Movie Set

Was the cast and crew of a John Wayne film exposed to nuclear ...


Pensmore Mansion

Is this estate being built for the Illuminati in the event of ...


Prime Spot for Radiation

The director's son recounts his time on the John Wayne film set.


The Illuminati Tunnels

An Illuminati expert explains why the group would want ...


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