America Declassified

Whitey Bulger, U.S. Stonehenge

Go inside Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger's hideout, hidden in plain sight in Santa Monica, CA. Visit Centralia, PA, a city destroyed by a 50-year fire -- but not a single house has burned down. Finally, how did a lone 5-foot, 100-pound man build Florida's mysterious Coral Castle, America's Stonehenge?

Original Airdate | Sunday, December 01, 2013

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Whitey Bulger, City on Fire

Go behind the scenes as our investigators uncover secrets ...

City on Fire

Our geoscientist visits a town that has all but disappeared: ...


In Plain Sight

The FBI stopped the Massachusetts police's investigation of ...


Inside Whitey Bulger's Hideout

Whitey Bulger's secret apartment reveals secrets about the ...


Pyramid Man

How did a 100-pound man build a structure that rivals Stonehenge?


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